Chocolate aero

It might be the sign of a fanatic, but I’ve recently fallen into the habit of making sure I have some high-quality chocolate about my person whenever I fly. Carrying a good supply of fine chocolate around might not be so unusual for visitors to this site, but I’ve managed to take this a step further and developed my own personal chocolate related superstition when flying.

As we know chocolate throughout its history has been associated with rituals and personal meaning, from Aztec sacrifices to bedtime drinks. As you might guess fine chocolate is fairly important to me, and while I don’t have any specific fear of flying, my theory is that taking off is the most dangerous part of an airborne journey. (Lobbyists may jump in here to tell us how safe it is to fly, and that the car ride to the airport is statistically the most dangerous part of the journey – as I mostly travel to the airport by train, I never quite got this argument.)

Ok, so the risk is low, but there is always that certain thrill when the aircraft leaves the runway and the feeling that if something was going to go wrong, it would be now, and I’d hate to miss the chance for one last piece of good chocolate. Of course once started, this has become personal ritual, and now it would be plain bad luck not to stick to it, so every journey now involves a little planning and the right timing to be enjoying a piece of the best at the moment of take off. Strangely though, landing never invokes the same response, and I haven

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