Reviewers review

It’s been awhile since we started the Seventypercent project – the original version of the site first hitting the web in 1999. It took a few more years for the site to take its present form and begin to become the wonderful, organic creature it now is. One of the first ideas that led to the creation of the site was the review section – now known as the Chocopaedia and the original intention was that a panel of reviewers would review the fine chocolate bars then available in the UK. Reviewing does take time and work though, as well as the pleasure of enjoying great chocolate, and in the end the panel became just one (i.e. me), making it hard to keep up with the number of new bars arriving in the fine chocolate world (and maintain the site at the same time!).

Much has changed since then. When I started out the best fine chocolate was not so easily available, and the idea of ‘origin’ chocolate in its current form was only just beginning. Few of us in the UK had even heard of chocolate makers like Amedei, Domori and Scharffen Berger, to mention just a few. Now new origin chocolate bars and producers are evolving all the time as the fine chocolate movement grows in strength and gains more and more followers, and has grown and developed with the support of all our readers, forum members and customers.

So I’m very happy now that the original vision of a reviewer’s panel has been realised and we now have four new chocolate reviewers onboard from a mix of backgrounds and expertise and points of view. They’ve been busy reviewing all the fine origin chocolate many of us have come to love, as well as more obscure and innovative offerings – you’ll have seen some of their first reviews listed already, with many more to come. Over the next few months we’ll be improving the design of the Chocopaedia and I’m looking forward to the review section comprehensively covering all the bean to bar origin chocolate in the world, and as well I want to say a big ‘welcome’ to our new reviewing team!

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