Bourneville 76%

Everybody shout BANDWAGON!!! I’d heard rumours for a while, but just this morning I finally picked up a 17 gram “under 99 calories” bar of Cadbury’s Bournville Extra Dark 76% Cocoa. By adding cocoa powder, a lot of cocoa butter and the mystery ingredient ‘flavouring’ those clever food scientists as Cadbury’s have managed to create something that has a kind of bearable candy taste when you first try it – the beans are over-roast for sure though. This is not unlike Bouchard L’Escaut’s 72% or Neuhaus’ 70% bar – which both also add low fat cocoa powder.

A few minutes after you finished eating a piece though, an unpleasant waxiness arrives in the mouth, along with a distasteful metal tang, and the effect on the stomach is not nice at all! I felt quite ill after each piece I tried and had to dose up with Bonnat Ceylan afterwards as antidote.

It’s this kind of product that gives fine chocolate a bad name and puts people off for life!

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