September 7, 2005

Michel Cluizel – Hacienda ‘Los Anconès’ – review – Hans-Peter Rot

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Written by: Hans-Peter Rot

Right out of the box the bar looks glossed and molded to perfection, and shows a bright magenta and medium brown color. Aroma is also impressive if a bit strange, emitting olives primarily and then tobacco and cherries underneath with suggestions of a mild acidity in the flavor. Overall, it might seem unusual and bizarre but it works beautifully and interestingly enough to keep your nose attached for a good while.

But move on to the flavor because here is where this chocolate truly excels. It’s chocolaty and deep, bolder than one might expect from the Caribbean, and definitely unusual with olives in the fore. It’s also slightly acidic, perhaps even tangy, but then berries and cherries take over and fizzle into cherry cordial, which in turn turns into apricot and nuts in the finish, but not once does the incredible chocolatiness ever subside.

Texture is also perfect, melting smoothly with some thickness as well which complements the full-bodied feel of the chocolate. Overall, then, Los Ancones is nothing short of excellent, a remarkable achievement and definitely one of the world’s greatest chocolates. If words could describe just how awesome this chocolate really is, then I would gladly put them here. But since they remain elusive, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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