October 6, 2005

Domori – Puertomar – review – Alex Rast

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Written by: Alex Rast

A delightful change in a strong dark chocolate. It doesn’t knock you back in your seat with power, but rather transports you to a beautiful tropical isle. Very relaxing and mellow, yet with an unusual complexity of different flavours. If you’re jaded enough to have become bored with all the “”usual”" chocolate flavours, this bar will give you a fresh new experience.

From the moment of unwrapping this bar looks different in a good way. Finish is near-immaculate – a very careful temper being evident in nary a trace of rippling or mould marks. Colour is on the lighter side, a rich, even brown like a very fresh chestnut. A few bubbles are about the only visual defect apparent.

The aroma is intense and awesome, chocolatey with walnut, with a suggestion of grapes and red wine, and in the end a bit of coconut. One immediately expects a nutty cast will prevail in the flavour. It’s a very smooth, soothing smell that you could keep simply inhaling for hours.

Flavour, however, is anything but nutty, with, instead, a fruity tone being the dominant theme. This starts out with a fresh strawberry and banana burst, before moving to watermelon, with hints of tropical fruits, along with a creamy aftertaste. It shrieks “”summer”" – a bar for long, languid days. Such a description still does not do justice to the relaxing beauty of the flavour, which might best be compared to trying to describe the experience of a gorgeous sunset. Along with that comes a super-smooth texture, ultra-creamy just like Domori always delivers, and which doesn’t fight the soft nature of the flavour itself. This is a genuinely calm, understated, feminine bar, setting it quite distinctly apart in a world of big, bold, masculine strong dark chocolates.

About the Author

Alex Rast
Alex Rast is a long-time chocolate experimenter, taster and part-time consultant to chocolate companies. Starting in 1990 with early experiments himself in making chocolate, he quickly moved into evaluating chocolates in commercial production and assisting other companies in improving process. Over the course of many years he has evaluated over 700 distinct chocolate bars. He is one of the earliest reviewers for SeventyPercent and has helped to define and systematise the ratings system. In addition to bar chocolate, he also experiments with chocolate baking and the formulation of "canonical" recipes for classic chocolate items.



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