Chocolate as an ingredient

Free event 3pm, Thursday 19 October 2006

Photo of a chocolate brownieOnce people try fine chocolate, they’re usually quickly convinced that it can have a far superior flavour to basic high street bars. We’re often asked though whether it matters what kind of chocolate is used for baking and preparing desserts – there’s always the temptation to ‘make do’ with some cheaper chocolate, because the flavour will get lost in the process.

Photo of a chocolate mousseOf course at Seventypercent we believe nothing can be further from the truth and that the choice of ingredients is what makes an outstanding dessert stand head and shoulders above average over-sweetened ones made with chocolate that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

To help us demonstrate this, we’ve recruited renowned US pastry chef and Academy of Chocolate member Bill McCarrick. Bill will be cooking up a couple of his fantastic recipes using a range of chocolate bars of varying quality – from ‘newsagent’ quality, to industrial couverture as used in most restaurants, to the best origin chocolate.

Come along to this event, watch Bill at work and ‘taste the difference’

Free event with optional donations to Restaurants Against Hunger

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