Launch of the Malagasy Sambirano Grand Cru 2006 vintage

Free event, 3pm, Wednesday 18 October 2006
Contented Vine Bar Restaurant, 17 Sussex Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 4RR

Drying cacao beans for Malagasy chocolateJoin us for a talk and sampling to introduce the second year of Malagasy’s Sambirano, a chocolate fully produced and finished in Madagascar. Malagasy is part of a new ‘Equitable Trade’ initiative where developing countries such as Madagascar (one of the ten poorest in the world) can trade with the West on an equal bases, with finished goods.

Fair Trade is a great thing, but still only a tiny percentage of the finished price of a product goes to the producing country. Like most chocolate, it’s produced in the West from beans from equatorial cacao growing regions.

Malagasy is a chocolate close to our hearts, having been closely involved in the development process in 2005. This year’s chocolate has made a big leap forward as the chocolate begins to fulfill the potential of the great beans available in Madagasar.

Neil Kelsall of Malagasy in the UK will be introducing us to the project and giving us some background to the whole project while we sample this year’s vintage.

The talk will be at 3pm, but the a Malagasy exhibition will be on display all afternoon, along with samples to try. 

Free event with optional donations to Restaurants Against Hunger

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