Home chocolate project day 4 – a beginning?

Finally I think something is starting to happen. I just checked the beans and did notice a little whtie mould forming on places. I suspect this is because I haven’t been stirring the beans enough in the last day or so. The aroma is somewhere between yeast and decay – not sure if that is right or wrong!

The pulp is certainly becoming more liquid and seems to be less in volume around the beans, but I haven’t actually seen any liquid drain away as yet. Maybe because the bean quantity is so small, it will just evaporate.

Although this is day 4, my feeling is that the process only really started yesterday.

Here’s the latest photo:

Cacao beans during fermentation

You can’t really see much difference in this photo, but I think this close up shows a little more that something is happening:

Close up of fermenting beans

I’ll try to post close ups for the next few days for comparison. At least this looks like the fermenting beans I’ve seen.

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