Story fixed?

BBC News 24 have a strange little segment called ‘Story Fix’ in their ‘Your News’ programme. It’s a mish-mash of clips from this week’s stories, which I personally find barely intelligible. I suppose it’s supposed to be ‘hip’.

In the edition broadcast on 23 June 2007 featured stories included the death of politically incorrect comedian Bernard Manning and the lack of cleanliness of UK hospitals.

‘Thank goodness’ was used as a hook for some of the stories, then suddenly the narrator says ‘thank goodness, just thank goodness’ while the visual was an animated pile of candy snack bars building up in front of our eyes, mostly featuring products from Cadburys. Maybe this is meant to be fun and exciting, but as far as I can see it was just a plain advert for sugar laden high street confectionary along with an endorsement that would have nutritionists shuddering.

Us Brits pay for the BBC through a tax called the ‘license fee’ and I personally object to biased reporting that amounts to free advertising in an effort to be ‘fun’. This is also frustrating for those of us trying to inform the public of the existence of real chocolate, which all the evidence suggests is genuinely good for you.

If anyone else saw this piece, please complain to the BBC.

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