August 2, 2007

Chocolove – Extra Strong Dark – review – Hans-Peter Rot

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Written by: Hans-Peter Rot

Out of the shiny gold wrapper comes a dark magenta bar of opposite sheen, and a thin scattering of cocoa dust that usually results from rough shipping. Other than that, it’s obvious Chocolove molded the bar with care, since nothing else is alarming. The aroma, though decent, has been encountered many times prior in other chocolates only to reveal an ugly flavor. Coffee and raisins give it that strong rigid backbone, while coconut hangs low, contributing a “”been there, done that”" aspect and teasing that either a good flavor or mediocrity will be on its way.

Unfortunately, both prevail in what appears to be a bipolar chocolate. The chocolate initially languishes on the tongue, offering ash and a subtle Dutched flavor, aspects that are both discouraging and unexciting, suggesting that indeed mediocrity will ensue. A total lack of intensity does nothing to help the matter, and just when it seems the chocolate is dead and worthless, a miracle occurs. An abrupt shift to floral is made, with an incorporation of tropical fruits, while coffee and stronger surges of cocoa escalate towards the end to finish off the length in a forceful yet palatable fashion.

Throughout the course of the length, the texture never improves. It’s marked by opposites like the flavor, melting with a creamy consistency and a noticeable grain that never dissipates. Collectively, these factors imply the chocolate fails to come together, and while this may be true to a degree, this isn’t entirely the case. After a listless introduction, the chocolate blossoms on the tongue, in a sense, but not into a beautiful Asiatic lily or bearded iris. No, the chocolate is more like a wildflower on the roadside, which is nice to see in passing but not to admire leisurely. It’s okay to stop and smell the flowers, but just don’t linger here.

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