August 16, 2007

Slitti – Gran Cacao 100% – review – Hans-Peter Rot

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Written by: Hans-Peter Rot

Slitti’s plastic-like appearance transfers to 100% cocoa content and doesn’t wane with its immaculate finish. The bar simply looks perfect on all counts and can’t offer a flaw even under a microscope. For such a high percentage, the color is dark as one would expect, unleashing a blackness that its lower percentage brethren were unable to achieve. And while the aroma in those bars was strong, this one here hits an apex in intensity but not in greatness. Everything about it suggests over roasting and burnt embers, with subtle red flecks of something incoherent underneath. It’s simply not pleasant at all.

If the aroma weren’t warning enough, the flavor delivers an atrocity not worth experiencing regardless of intent. The bitterness and ashiness of flavor are simply too unbearable and dreadful to endure, even for a chocolate of this class. Raspberry is among the only recognizable notes, and there appears to be some nuttiness here too, more towards the end, but the overall profile is bitter, acrid, and overly tannic. Just the mere presence of this bar will make faces cringe. Despite all this, though, there is one positive aspect to the chocolate: texture. It’s thick, pasty, and very creamy, just what is expected from this class. Thankfully, Slitti got something right.

This is a chocolate that will you leave speechless for all the wrong reasons. Without any sugar to allay the bitterness, this monstrosity will surely horrify your taste buds. This chocolate is just as offensive to the tongue as sulfurous fumes are to the nose. It is, in essence, painful to consume and hardly edible in this manifestation. What Slitti was thinking when he formulated this bar is beyond my mortal comprehension, because this can’t possibly appeal to anyone, except maybe to those who have an inhuman tolerance to bitterness.

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