What’s going on in and around the London chocolate scene

Things have really warmed up in the London chocolate scene over the last few years. (Which means the now melted fine chocolate must be flowing nicely!)

We now have a good handful of world class chocolatiers, growing in size and reputation, helping to place London squarely on the world chocolate map and turn the city into a real chocolate destination. The days of London being looked down upon as an over-sweetened, over packaged, over-sized and artificially flavoured long life giant bonbon are hopefully passing. (Though there still plenty of examples of these to found on every high street).

William Curley has taken over the Chocolate Society and will soon have a mini-chain of shops, Paul A Young will soon be expanding down from Islington into the financial hear of the City, cleaning up the east side, and we hear rumours of a new Rococo shop coming soon. The great news is that fine chocolate lovers from all over London no longer have to travel miles to obtain excellent, fresh, chocolates. The more London becomes known as a centre of excellence, the more new chocolatiers it will attract, and we’re all in favour of that.

To help shout out this news, I’ve started this little column which will bring tidbits of news and gossip from the London scene.

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