Chocolate Connoisseurs Club monthly tasting – January 2008, Ecuador special

£25 per person, 7.30pm-9.30pm, Tues 15 Jan 2007
Theodore Lounge & Kitchen,
Theodore Bullfrog, 28 John Adam Street, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 6HL

Our regular monthly tasting event, with an introduction to fine chocolate and sampling of the latest chocolate bars featured in ourmonthly Connoisseurs Club.

We’ve recently been in Ecuador, where we’ve been running workshops and visiting chocolate factories. An exciting scene is developing in Ecuador, which probably has the most developed home industry of any growing country.

We’ll be reporting about our visits to cocoa plantations, as well as sampling liquor and other goodies we’ve brought back, plus chocolate from three of the new chocolate makers in Ecuador – Republica del Cacao, Cacaoyere and Tulicorp.

Also, if she’s made it back from the rainforest, Kate Malone will tell us about her visit to the Kallari indians and their project to make chocolate in the Amazon. 

The formal part of the tasting will be followed by chocolate related chat in the Kitchen bar and we’ll also have some of our product range available for purchase.

Book online with our secure checkout.

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