Paul A Young Fine Chocolates – new shop

Managed to get a sneak preview of Paul A Youngs‘s new shop in The Royal Exchange in London’s City district this week. The shop’s just being refitted and will open next week, around 10 October, with an official launch during Chocolate Week.

Great news for all you City types in need of some decent chocolates. Apparently some customers have been travelling up to Angel during their lunchtime to stock up, well, things just got a lot easier!

I think the shop will have a great old time feel when it’s finished, with some of the original fittings still in existence, and one of the windiest, longest spiral staircases I’ve seen (in a shop, anyway!)

Keeping up quality when you open your second shop is always a challenge, but I’m assured Paul will be running up and down the Northern Line to keep things in order. The Eastern part of the London has been a bit of a fine chocolate desert until now, with only chains on offer, so this is a big step forward. I’ve a feeling that some of you who might have been frequenting some of the trendy chain shops in the area are about to find out what you’ve been missing.


Paul A Young's new shop

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