Latin American tour August 2008 – Day 9 – Panajachel, Guatemala

Last night stayed up too late talking on the hotel balcony, and I just couldn’t face the trip across the lake the others were planning. So I managed to chill out, watch the volcanos not being active from the balcony and catch up on some writing.

After some more shopping and hard bargaining in the market, we caught a bus back to Guatemala City, via Antigua were we said goodbye to Kate and Tom.  I’ll be catching up with them in a week or so though, in our final country on the tour, Panama.

After what seemed like a bus tour of the entire city, we were the final drop-off and arrived at our hotel after 9pm. Still, we were able to catch up with Juan Francisco Mollinedo for a quick chat and goodbye from Guatelama. I also managed to unload a significant part of my luggage on Juan Francisco – various samples, liquor, pods and shopping I’d accumulated along the way, which Juan will ship to me along with the precious metate. This was quite a relief in view of the growing weight of my bags.

Next day I have a very early flight to Caracas, and there wasn’t going to be much chance for sleep tonight. I’m beginning to get rather tired and I’ve forgotten exactly what eight hours of sleep is like.

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