Origin Chocolate Destination

The dining room at The Elmfield

The dining room at The Elmfield

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with The Elmfield, a family boutique hotel on North Devon’s unspoilt coast. Situated in what’s becoming a stylish foodie retreat, The Elmfield offers a true gourmet experience to its guests and is the perfect choice for our first Origin Chocolate Destination.

The Elmfield’s commitment to origin chocolate starts with their restaurant; The Dining Room, where Head Chef Tom Frost will now feature origin chocolate dishes throughout the seasonal menu. Origin chocolate tasting squares are available along with tasting notes for guests to enjoy at any time – and to accompany after dinner coffee. Origin Chocolate cocktails have been introduced to The Elmfield’s bar too.

During the summer children will be introduced to origin chocolate in the Chocotastic Childrens Workshop – one of a series of workshops, involving food focused activities which The Elmfield runs for hotel guests and non residents. The workshops will also run in the October half-term.

There will be an origin chocolate dish available for each course of The Dinning Room menu, starting in September. The highlight for chocolate lovers is the specially commissioned dessert ‘Assiette of chocolate’, a triple chocolate indulgent experience.

There will also be specially developed chocolate dishes available on gourmet 6 course taster menu on offer in October as part of the Devon Celebration of Food Festival (throughout October) at The Dinning Room.

Chocoholic weekend experiences will be launched in the Autumn, the first to be held November 13th / 15th November – a 2 day celebration of the finest quality origin chocolate in partnership with Seventypercent.com, which will include; guests’ chocolate tasting samples in their rooms, chocolate cocktail parties, chocolate inspired and infused dinners and breakfasts, talks and hands on lectures as well as the chance for guests to make their own origin chocolates to take home, tutored by a world class chocolatier. More details of this great event coming soon, or book now directly with The Elmfield.


Origin Chocolate Weekend

Arrive: 13th November from 4pm

Leave: 15th November after breakfast

Cost: £320 per person

Contact & bookings:

Zoë Brewer
The Elmfield Hotel
Torrs Park,
North Devon
EX34 8AZ

t. +44 (0)1271 863 377
e. info@theelmfield.com

Origin Chocolate Weekend

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