Chocolate Across The Pond!!

So…. martin has asked for an “across the pond” perspective on the upcoming festivities and I am going to attempt to keep you updated on all things chocolate from the great state of Oregon.

We are immersed in it. We live eat and breathe the stuff. From making our our own micro-batch “bean to bon bon” pieces to using multiple tons of finely crafted couverture from some of the world’s finest manufacturers to make over 70 different pieces, we are hard at work 7 days a week furiously trying to outdo ourselves.

So stay tuned as I attempt to bring you a varied perspective of the American version of Chocolate Week.





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  1. David December 29, 2009

    hello Jeff

    i need some training classes in chocolate making: truffles,dipping, enrobing somewhere in Europe maybe Italy

    would you please help me..


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