Chocolate as a Cultural Blend

Obviously, if you have read my previous posts, I am not normal. I live life to it’s fullest and experience all it has to offer in heaping helpings. So be it. The world is an amazing place and the various cultures of the planet all have something to offer us. Last night that became as obvious as my expanding waistline.

Have you ever experimented with blending chocolates from around the world? Sure you have. While much can be stated about the single origin awareness movement and the fine characteristics of species specific cacao;  sometimes a blend is just the right thing. Taking a little of this and little of that in the right combination’s can elevate each individual aspect when taken as a whole.

Last night I encountered the perfect blend of world cultures. I took my entire kitchen crew to see Gogol Bordello. If you are not familiar with these musicians then you owe it to yourself to go out and experience this band live. This is THE BEST LIVE ACT IN THE WORLD. I should know, I see some 50-70 concerts a year. The leader, Eugene Hutz, is  madman/genius whose energy is unstoppable. His stage presence is as large as any other rock star of our generation. Bono? Bowie? Elton? Dylan? Put Mr. Hutz in there right now.

Combing the perfect elements of gypsy tarantella, new york punk, reggae, and Brazilian carnival culture into one act that defies description is tantamount to perfection. We sweated out loud. One thousand rain and sweat soaked dancers pulsing to extremely loud and relentless musical acrobatics for two hours without a break. It was like eating the best chocolate bar in the world, twice.


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