Chocolate Rocks!

wow. what a week. First the melter goes out and we need an electrician. Of course one of our suppliers is 3 days late with the custom fondant, naturally. This slows production of a couple of things down but they will just have to wait….


Because Bob Dylan is in Oregon this week! Every couple of years Bob and Crew float through on a tour and BAM! Just like that I am in a good mood. I have a friend who works for BOB and its always great to connect with him if the stars are aligned and we can swing it. This time we could. So we bailed yesterday at noon and drove 150 miles north and were treated like chocolate gods.

The last time I saw this crew I had just started to get going in the chocolate world; imagine their surprise at my offering of 30#’s of our finest and the news I had just been chosen as one of America’s Top 10 Chocolatiers of 2009. I brought this huge bag filled with gift boxes backstage and before you can say thanks we are whisked away to the soundboard for a private seating arrangement–just me and my wife and the lighting and sound guys. 12 inches up on a platform in a sea of people 5o feet back from the stage dead center.

The music was sublime. His current band is  a smoking group  of players who cater to any arrangement the man wants to lay on his audience. We were treated to 4 songs off the new album which is a collaboration with Robert Hunter, the lyricist for the Grateful Dead-one of my other weaknesses. True Americana folk music with a rock and roll edge. Between the classics, the new stuff and a simple twist of fate we were rockin our socks off. About half way through the show my friend sneaks up behind us and palms a present into my hand. It was one of Bob’s harmonicas; well worn in the key of D flat.

The boxes and bars were distributed amungst the band’s tour busses to be eaten on the rest of the tour. This is why chocolate rocks.


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