Chocolate Week – We need you!

We’re looking for volunteers (who can write a little) to blog for us on about their experiences during Chocolate Week in the UK (12-18 Oct 2009) and to report on what’s happening for the week in their local area.

The idea is to cover as much of the Week as we can, not just Seventypercent events. The posts don’t have to be masterpieces or expert-level, just the everyday experiences of fine chocolate fans during the week. If the posts can be accompanied by photos, that really helps the presentation. Video clips are even better.

The events can be the paid formal kind, reviews of the many samplings going on during the week, or just you own personal Chocolate Week experiences.

Also if you are attending the excellent Chocolate Unwrapped exhibition then it would be great if you can share your experiences there on Seventypercent.

If you are interested, please email us at and we’ll set you up with a login and help you to get started.

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  1. Dawn Shrives October 6, 2009

    Le Salon Du Chocolat
    Stansted Park, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, PO9 6DX
    Tel: 02392 413350

    National Chocolate Week 12th to 18th October 2009

    Le Salon Du Chocolat are pleased to be part of National Chocolate week and have teamed up with Divine Chocolate to offer two wonderful events. We look forward to welcoming you.

    Sunday 11th October 2009 11 am and 1 pm – Free. Booking essential (14 yrs +)
    David Greenwood-Haigh, professional chef and trained chocolatier hosts the Divine Chocolatiers course at Le Salon Du Chocolat in celebration of National Chocolate Week. Exploring the history of chocolate and the art of tasting it, David will also show a traditional French Truffle Recipe which can be easily recreated at home. A truly Divine experience dipping you into the wonderful world of chocolate

    Sunday 18th October 2009 11 am and 2pm – £10 per child aged 6 to 14 years

    In true celebration of chocolate week, children will get the chance to visit Le Salon Du Chocolat and make their own chocolate goodies using delicious Divine Fairtrade Chocolate. They will also learn how the cocoa bean is made into chocolate bars. Everything that they make will be handwrapped and taken home with them.

    To book or for further information,please contact Dawn Shrives at Le Salon Du Chocolat 02392 413350

  2. The Pod October 7, 2009

    Thanks Dawn, though this isn’t really an announcement page! It’s probably a good idea to have one though, so that’s something we’ll look at adding once we’ve got Chocolate Week out of the way.

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