Southbank Chocolate Festival – 11-13 December 2009

London's Southbank in unusually winter snow

London's Southbank in unusual winter snow

After the success of the first festival at London’s Southbank Centre in Easter this year, The Chocolate Festival is back for Christmas and will be there to launch a new taste mapping system for chocolate.

The Chocolate Festival is unique in London chocolate events, bringing a great range chocolate talks, demos and exhibitors all free, behind the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank.

Though not specifically a fine chocolate event, some of the UK’s top chocolatiers will be there, including William Curley, Paul Wayne Gregory, Rococo and water-based ganache wizz, Damian Allsop.

Meanwhile, other London fine choc stars such as Paul A Young will be in the demo area, in Paul’s case a guided tasting and signing copies of his new book.

Other highlights will be talks by Thierry Castel of Valrhona UK telling us about the origins their chocolate and Damian Allsop with his ultimate chocolate mousse.

Seventypercent will be there at 12pm on Saturday telling you how to be a chocolate connoisseur in three easy steps – we’re looking forward to getting the answer to that!

Take the taste test for our new Chocolate Taste Map

2:oopm – 5:00pm Sat 12 Dec, Level 2 Foyers, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London has been running for almost ten years now, but in all that time, we’ve never found a map or diagram that adequately conveys the range flavour notes found in chocolate. The wheels and ‘spider-webs’ that are around have been adapted from wine tasting and are an uneasy match.

So we thought it was about time we developed our own system, based on theoretical work by our most prolific bar reviewer, Alex Rast.

To give this new system a solid basis, we’re collecting data from members of the public, so come along to our stand in the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday 12 Dec and take our 5-minute taste test.


The Chocolate Festival
11-13 December 2009

Southbank Centre Square (behind the Royal Festival Hall)
Belvedere Road

Admission free

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  1. Brian December 12, 2009

    The new Chocolate Taste Map sound s interesting. Is thers a way for members from abroad to try and contribute to the data set online?

  2. The Pod January 4, 2010

    Not as yet Brian, but that’s certainly something we are looking into. It’s early days for the project and we’re still defining the parameters at the moment – the Southbank event was a trial run at data collection.

    We’ll keep you informed of new advances through the site.



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