March 20, 2010

Amano – Jembrana – review – Hans-Peter Rot

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Written by: Hans-Peter Rot

Fresh, zesty aroma with lots of lemony zip to suggest twang in the flavor. Mild is also a key word here since by no means is the aroma assertive, just jovial and very pleasing overall with accents of bitter almond and orange. There is also a distinct Amedei caramelized quality that lurched inside from Amano’s outward show so it would seem similarities are not entirely superficial.

Starting out somewhat on the green side, the flavor quickly takes on a sweet-natured chocolaty quality, punctuated by subtle spikes of acidic lemon and light almonds, orange and cherries simultaneously, an explosion of sunny weather in the mouth that only gets brighter yet more chaotic as the length continues. Nothing truly harmonizes, just zips by at random, pulling you along capriciously but with a texture that eases the ride with a sophisticated gloss.

Despite this rambunctious act, Jembrana is actually a low-key, somewhat mild chocolate similar to a Seurat painting that up close appears as a collection of random colors but further away reveals itself to be a coherent, almost ethereal picture. Indeed, at first glance nothing really seems to work in tandem, instead merely coexisting out of chance and doing the best with what its got, but in fact clarity is simply a matter of perception and in the end appreciating is only half the enjoyment.

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