Announcement: F1 choc bar challenge

A couple of weeks ago we visited Duffy Sheardown’s new chocolate factory in Cleethorpes, in the north of England.

As well as chocolate, Duffy and I share another interest – Formula 1. Though when I say ‘share an interest’, I mean in my case watching F1 on the telly from the sofa, and in Duffy’s case, spending most of his career working in the motor racing industry.

Given that rather unfair advantage for Duffy, it probably wasn’t the best idea of mine to take up Duffy’s F1 choc bar challenge.

From an email from Duffy:

“I have been reading all the so-called motor-racing experts trying to predict the season and realised that they have absolutely no idea what will happen. The best they can come up with is that Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull and possibly Mercedes will be near the top and that Virgin, Lotus and HRT won’t.

So I figured we might enjoy a little bet. On a race-by-race basis we each pick a driver and if my pick beats your pick you owe me a bar of chocolate. Yours beats mine and I owe you a bar. We can settle up at season end. We alternate first picks so you can go first…

You have until Sunday morning to accept this challenge but be warned – with the regulation changes good qualifying pace is unlikely to completely translate to good race pace…”

So, I’ve foolishly agreed to the bet, and am now stocking up 19 chocolate bars to hand over at the end of the season, but hoping I might get lucky and end up with a few Red Star Chocolate bars as well.

We’ll be recording our picks in comments to this post, and you’re all welcome to join in, though I’m not taking on any more chocolate bar bets though – not sure I can afford to take on any more losses.

(* indicates who chose first)

Results so far

Bahrain, 14 March 2010:
Race winner: Fernando Alonso
Duffy’s call: Alonso
Martin’s call: Vettel *
Result: Reliability issues hamper Vettel and Alonso wins it.
Score: 1-0 to Duffy

Australia, 28 March 2010:
Race winner: Jenson Button
Duffy’s call: Vettel *
Martin’s call: Mark Webber
Result: Vettel slides off and is beaten by Webber’s disappointing 9th.
Score: 1-1

Malaysia, 4 April 2010:
Race winner: Sebastian Vettel
Duffy’s call: Nico Rosberg
Martin’s call: Vettel (after a stewards enquiry!) *
Result: Vettel finally gets a win, in ultra-cool style.
Score: 2-1 to Martin

China, 18 April 2010:
Race winner: Jenson Button
Duffy’s call: Fernando Alonso *
Martin’s call: Lewis Hamilton
Result: Alonso’s jump start and Lewis’s skill through the pack give it to Hamilton
Score: 3-1 to Martin

Spain, 9 May 2010:
Race winner: Mark Webber
Duffy’s call: Mark Webber
Martin’s call: Vettel *
Result:  Webber untouchable after Vettel fails to overtake at the start.
Score: 3-2 to Martin

Monaco, 16 May 2010:
Race winner: Mark Webber
Duffy’s call: Robert Kubica *
Martin’s call: Mark Webber
Result:  Webber does it again.
Score: 4-2 to Martin

Turkey, 30 May 2010:
Race winner: Lewis Hamilton
Duffy’s call: Sebastian Vettel
Martin’s call: Lewis Hamilton *
Result:  Hamilton’s first win of the season.
Score: 5-2 to Martin

Canada, 13 June 2010:
Race winner: Lewis Hamilton
Duffy’s call: Lewis Hamilton *
Martin’s call: Jenson Button
Result:  Two in a row for Hamilton and Duffy’s catching up.
Score: 5-3 to Martin

European (Valencia), 27 June 2010:
Race winner: Sebastian Vettel
Duffy’s call: Sebastian Vettel
Martin’s call: Fernando Alonso *
Result:  Vettel comes in strong and it’s almost neck and neck here.
Score: 5-4 to Martin

Silverstone, UK, 11 July 2010:
Race winner: Mark Webber
Duffy’s call: Sebastian Vettel *
Martin’s call: Lewis Hamilton
Result:  Big win for Webber, neither of us made the right call. Hamilton came in a good second though and Vettel way behind, so a win for Martin
Score: 6-4 to Martin

Germany, 25 July 2010:
Race winner: Fernando Alonso
Duffy’s call: Sebastian Vettel
Martin’s call: Fernando Alonso *
Result:  Rare success for Alonso, Martin gets lucky again.
Score: 7-4 to Martin

Hungary, 1 August 2010:
Race winner: Mark Webber
Duffy’s call: Sebastian Vettel *
Martin’s call: Mark Webber
Result:  Webber yet again in a thrilling race and Vettel third. Amateurs are trouncing professionals in the choc bar challenge
Score: 8-4 to Martin


  1. Martin Christy March 14, 2010

    My pick for Bahrain, the first race of the new season, is Sebastian Vettel. It’s a tricky one to call, but I reckon Vettel is pretty good at holding onto a lead. If it wasn’t his first race with the team, I would have gone for Alonso and he might well cause me to lose my first bar.

    I think Lewis Hamilton will make it to the podium, Schumacher will finish a couple of places up and Barrichello will sneak up from the back.

    So, race about to start, let’s see what happens!

  2. Masur March 14, 2010

    You underrated Alonso. Race result:
    1. Alonso
    2. Masa
    3. Hammilton
    4. Vettel
    5. Rosberg
    6. Schumacher

  3. Duffy Sheardown March 14, 2010

    Well I picked Alonso – and it proved to be a good call. He was catching Vettel before the Red Bull exhaust cracked. So, one bar up and I get first pick for the next race in Oz. SHould I wait until after qualifying or make a call now? I think it might be an interesting season bu McLaren and Mercedes need to sort their games out pdq.

  4. Duffy Sheardown March 22, 2010

    For Melbourne I am going to have to make an early call on whom I think will win. My temperer is nearly refurbished (a cheap auction buy) but not quite and I have nearly 80kg of chocolate stacked up waiting to go through it. Rather than dig out the granite slab and ACMC again I’m heading for a salmon river in Scotland for a few days.
    Which means I have to make my pick before first practice even begins! Vettel or Alonso? Tough call. I doubt the Mercedes and McLaren teams will be in a hugely different condition although track conditions might me look very silly on that one. I think Webber and Massa are going to struggle to consistently match their team mates. The Ferrari had overheating issues at Bahrain; the Red Bull lost a plug whislt clearly in the lead.
    I shall plump for Vettel. Could be Champ this year – he’s good enough and he’ll have learnt that silly mistakes are, as the name suggests, silly.
    Martin can wait and see what qualifying tells us. Anyway let’s hope the race is a better show than last time out.

  5. Martin Christy March 28, 2010

    With a few hours to go before the race, I have to say that Vettel would most likely have won the last race if it wasn’t for mechanical issues, so looks a good call for Melbourne, especially after qualifying today and pole position.

    Seeing as you’ve taken Vettel, the right thing to do would be to go for Alonso – if something goes wrong he could be handed it again. I’m going to be sentimental though and choose Mark Webber to win on home territory. Maybe he’ll get the better run for once. I reckon Button could make the podium if he’s lucky, Schumacher won’t finish above 6th. But then luckily my bet doesn’t count this race.

  6. Duffy Sheardown March 30, 2010

    Well, mechanical gremlins robbed the fastest-driven fastest car (Vettel, Red Bull) and the slowest-driven fastest car (Webber, Red Bull) had too many errors to win. Interesting race, if only to hear Lewis lose the plot and wish he had his Daddy with him again.

  7. Duffy Sheardown April 3, 2010

    Right, decisions time. Webber fastest and he’s in the fastest car but…do I trust him not to bin it under pressure? No, don’t be silly. Lewis has been fast all weekend but starts near the back. Can he come through and win it? Probably; safety cars and treacherous weather will help him. BUT Alonso is in front of him – no mean driver in the wet.
    Who makes the best strategy calls? Ross Brawn – but is Nico ready for a win? He is. I’m going against my gut feeling and picking Vettel. He’s in the fastest car but has had some car problems. In the rain everything is wayyy less stressed (everything except the drivers who like the rain: Lewis, Jenson, Fernando et al. Even Michael!) so my call is Vettel.
    If I was a betting man I would have Lewis and Alonso down for podium finishes. They will be on a charge and it should be extremely entertaining and maybe a little scary. In-car footage on the red button would be ideal….except I’m still on terrestrial with no box.

  8. Martin Christy April 3, 2010

    It’s going to be an interesting race for sure. Actually it was my first pick this week and I would have gone for Vettel, honest! I agree about Webber – he could win from pole in dry conditions and if it was a straightforward race, which it won’t be. Seeing as you’ve already bagged Vettel and agreeing that Alonso and Lewis could drive through it all, I’m going to make a sentimental fan based choice and choose Hamilton. Odds are against it, but it could be wide open tomorrow.

    You can do the in car thing online with the BBC iPlayer (UK only), so laptop and telly will do the job nicely – I usually get the official F1 timing screen up as well, as the only way to keep track, especially if things get mixed up a lot like they will tomorrow.

  9. Duffy Sheardown April 3, 2010

    Oops. I will change from Vettel to Rosberg as you haven’t mentioned him. You can either change or stay the same. I’d like to see a Lewis win though – that would mean we are watching a great race.

  10. Duffy Sheardown April 6, 2010

    2-1 to the editor then. Red Bull were faultless and strategy could be kept simple as there was no rain. Even the Virgin car managed a finish (I worked for Nick Wirth in a previous life..). Can’t remember what the China circuit is like before I make my choice there.

  11. Duffy Sheardown April 17, 2010

    Well, it IS my first pick this time and I’m bored by the speedy Red Bulls so I shall plump for Alonso to win the race. They have engine worries – overheating – but that might not be an issue on a fast circuit. Thought I’d be taking Lewis for tomorrow but not when he starts that far behind.
    No, time to go and see if I can get my very second-hand FBM temperer working for the first time since I bought it and repaired it. It all seems to work but I haven’t tempered any chocolate yet.

  12. Martin Christy April 17, 2010

    All things being even, Vettel should win it, but I think rain could well intervene tomorrow, so I will go for Lewis. He could be on the march and the rain could mix things up. Should be an interesting race anyway.

  13. The Pod May 9, 2010

    Been a distracting few weeks, what with the British election and events like the Real Food Festival, where Duffy is exhibiting right now.

    Barcelona should really be an easy Red Bull win, but you never quite know about their reliability and whether Mark Webber can deliver. So my pick for this race is Sebastian Vettel, I reckon he’ll leapfrog Webber early on and stay at the front assuming there’s no rain or mechanical failures. I might be rooting for Hamilton though.

    Over to Duffy, if he can take a minute away from the exhibition crowds.

  14. duffy May 9, 2010

    I think Martin has made the right choice but I can’t decide who might bottle it – Lewis trying too hard or Mark doing his usual? I have to go for Webber to nail one. He can’t always make a silly mistake, can he?
    The Real Food Fair has been good – nice to offer taste samples and everyone has been most kind and helpful

  15. The Pod May 9, 2010

    56 laps and Vettel having some trouble, while Webber cruises

    Not looking god for me – Webber 1st, Vettel 4th at the moment. Hamilton looks like he’ll finish 2nd, but not within sight of Webber.

  16. Duffy Sheardown May 15, 2010

    The big one this week – Monaco. What a fabulous circuit to visit and to work at. One of THE scareiest moments of my life was walking up between the fence and the barrier on the hill after the start and the first left-hander. The cars were inches away and nearly brushing the armco. I stayed a few minutes, feeling the noise and vibration before hurrying up to Casino. If you only ever go to one race macke it this one.
    Anyway, who to choose? Webber on pole again, Vettel close in 3rd so it should be between those 2 for the win. I am going to go for Kubica, the mightily impressive Pole in the Renault. His tyres must be shagged so I will need an early safety-car for this to work out in my favour. It’s more of a vote than a bet – I used to work for that team in 2 of its’ previous guises back in the day.

  17. Martin Christy May 15, 2010

    Ok, well that leaves me free to choose Webber. Pole, the confidence of last week and Red Bull perhaps having now found some reliability means he should do it, especially with Alonso out of the picture. Early tyre changes could swap things around though – and will Massa get a penalty and Hamilton get a chance?

  18. The Pod May 30, 2010

    Duffy’s off enjoying drag racing this weekend, but I’ve gone for Hamilton for Istanbul – if he gets a good start he’s in with a chance. Duffy has emailed in his choice as Vettel, though he thinks he should have gone for Button. Race starts in 1 hour.

  19. Duffy May 31, 2010

    Well I did manage to see some of the race. There was a problem at the drag strip so we saw the start. When they kept repeating that it was going to rain “in 8 minutes” we went back to watch more drag racing – and then some guy lost control of his car within 2 metres and wiped out the Christmas Tree starting light so I saw the end. Missed the crucial Webber/Vettel moment but eventually caught a replay. And didn’t Lewis look unhappy on the podium? Lighten up – you just won your first race of the season and the fact that your team-mate isn’t prepared to just sit behind and applaud your undoubted greatness and makes a pass then attack back and see where you end up.
    End of the day Martin is thrashing me at this! I can’t ever vote for Webber for reasons I don’t understand so tend to vote rather than bet. Ho hum.
    Canada next. I drove there once from Indianapolis – it doesn’t look far on a very small map – and saw Aryton in blinding form win the race. My money might be on a furous Alonso but we shall see.

  20. Duffy June 12, 2010

    Well, so much for my secret hopes for Alonso, Kubica and Button. If Button is on the prime tyres he might still do it. Head says one of the Red Bulls but as usual I am going to vote and that means plumping for Lewis. Extraordinary in qualifying. I shall miss the race as I’m in London meeting someone who might have interesting cocoa beans up his sleeve.

  21. Martin Christy June 13, 2010

    Well ok, the race has already started, but having been in a meeting I’m not watching – been recording it though and about to start. As Duffy went for Hamilton (would have been my first choice too), I’m going for Button, I don’t think the Red Bull’s will do it on this circuit.

    Saw Duffy early this morning, and he can testify that this was my choice! (Hoping that Button’s not already spun off or something.)

  22. Martin Christy June 27, 2010

    Not really done enough research for this race, but I think the McLarens can’t cut it this because they’re behind with updates. On paper a Red Bull should do it, but I think Alonso will be dangerous from fourth. Ok, he doesn’t always come through on home ground, but I’m taking a chance he will steal a win, with luck, tactics and pure driving. So Alonso is my choice. Duffy?

  23. duffy June 27, 2010

    Well I hope you are right about Alonso but I think Lewis will be strong. But I must be right about Seb one day Vettel is my pick. I shall miss the race and a certain football match as I am in a field on a hot day not selling much chocolate to Lincolnshire folk.

  24. Martin Christy July 11, 2010

    Quick update for Silverstone. Duffy’s called Vettel and I’m rather blindly going for Hamilton – I’m away in Peru and haven’t seen a thing, but Lewis will be dangerous on home ground, updates or not.

  25. Duffy July 24, 2010

    For Germany Martin has chosen Alonso and so I have to go with Vettel. This one could go either way and the 2 McLarens will be trying to charge through with a fast-in-speed-traps cars. Weather might be variable and the next batch of chocolate will either get started in the morning or have to wait until Monday because I don’t want to miss this one. If I had a proper telly I’d be checking out the Tour de France too. Big iff though.

  26. duffy July 31, 2010

    My first choice for Hungary and its the easiest of the season – Vettel. Clear on pole, just needs a decent start and the race is his.

  27. The Pod August 1, 2010

    Probably I should go for Alonso, but not really in the mood after last week. I know team orders are unavoidable, but the way they were carried out was rather unpleasant and left a bad taste in the mouth.

    So I’m picking Mark Webber – it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if something went wrong for Vettel, leaving the door open for Webber.

  28. duffy August 28, 2010

    We are back after a short break at the fantastic Spa circuit in Belgium. Once again I am going vote rather than bet. Maybe McLaren have found some performance even though they say they haven’t been working. Yeah, right. Anyway a not-convinced Lewis for me and a general fingers crossed for rain and 2 Mercedes trying to fight through the pack for extra entertainment.

  29. Martin Christy August 29, 2010

    Controversy reigns with more pit lane shenanigans from Duffy – actually it was my call this week! (I’ve made it clearer in the listings now who’s call it is!)

    I definitely reckon this could be a Lewis race. It looks like rain and he’ll either win it or blow it. So Hamilton for me.

    Care to pick again Duffy?

  30. Martin Christy August 29, 2010

    After my groaning complaints, Duffy has texted in Vettel as his choice. Race about to start, probably rain towards the end!

  31. Martin Christy September 12, 2010

    Duffy has emailed in the favourite as his choice, Alonso. Probably a good pick. I shall choose Hamilton – again. Maybe Button or Webber would have been better, but I’ve a feeling that Hamilton’s placing doesn’t reflect what he will do here, even if he has a dodgy car set up.

    This is a key race for our season – if I win this one, then I clinch the choc-bar challenge ‘title’ (an accolade I just invented!) So, last chance for Duffy!

    Unfortunately I’m going to be out with the Ecuadorian contingent visiting some chocolatiers when the race is on. Normally I like my chocolate WITH Formula One, not instead of, but I guess I’m just greedy!

  32. RedStar September 27, 2010

    As Martin posted, he had first pick and went Vettel leaving me free to pick Fernando, who can do little wrong in my eyes, particularly as he gets up the noses of lots of Brits. We don’t like a winner! A tremendous race and Alonso just kept in front – but only just. Vettel had the quickest car so Alonso must have run his engine at max revs for the whole race. He is on his last engine for the season – if he changes again he gets a 10-place grid penalty. That might be enough to cost him a pop at the title.
    Jenson was as fast as his car, Kubica was faster than his and his recovery from a puncture showed that yes, you can overtake at Singapore. Must go one year…looks like a great race venue. Not sure what happened to Lewis – a bit of frustration, maybe. Shame, but it isn’t over yet.


  33. Duffy October 9, 2010

    Well, time for Japam and qualifying delayed until stupid o’clock tomorrow. I shall try and post my choice before the race gets underway. I am in danger of losing this challenge and having to send Martin a few bars of chocolate so I am not going to do the immediately obvious thing of plumping for Vettel at this early stage.
    Lewis is having a bad weekend which may finish off his title chances for this year. A shame. If it rains we may seem him at his glorious best scything through the field from his gearbox-change penalty low grid position. He lost critical running time yesterday after a silly mistake and will struggle to “keep calm and carry on” this weekend. Some think Alonso was hiding his considerable light under something yesterday. Maybe, but 3 wins on the trot at completely different circuits? Breathtakingly good if he can do it.
    A tight circuit that repays attack and control, so Jenson may be in with a shout, if he can find the line between aggresion and sorry mate I didn’t think you’d turn in there and punt me out of the race.
    Webber? Who cares? He’s good, but world champion? Give me a break. He’s the second fastest driver of the fastest car this year but would struggle to scrape into the top 5 fastest drivers. My (very biased, of course) list would be, and probably in this order: Vettel, Alonso, Lewis, Kubica, Jenson. Build a car good enough for Kubica and we might see if he is the complete article – we already know the 2 Brits and Spaniard are, and I hope the German is too.
    Martin, if you do beat me I will take you to the Autosport Show in January to drool over the cars and check out the quality of the engineering.

  34. Martin Christy October 10, 2010

    I’m really not sure I’m going to be awake early enough on a Sunday morning to make an intelligent choice before the race (and will probably watch it recorded), so I’ll have to pick now. As it doesn’t look like rain tomorrow (though qualifying could be slippery), I’ll take whichever of Vettel and Alonso that Duffy doesn’t choose, with Webber as a back up in case they’ve both spun out of qualifying and can’t race.

    Nice offer Duffy, thanks. I’m getting a bit worried about my championship lead at the moment though! So watch this space.

  35. Duffy October 10, 2010

    Well, I am up and have read a quick report on qualifying – and my choice is Vettel. Kubica has nothing to lose though…

  36. Martin Christy October 10, 2010

    9-7 … sob … I really need to concentrate for the next race!

  37. RedStar October 23, 2010

    This is getting nicely close but Martin is still favourite to win overall. My choice for Korea though. I watched the last 10 minutes of Q3 expecting The McLarens to be near the top. Lewis is close but no cigar; the Red Bull is once again just slightly ahead. There should be plenty of overtaking and slithering around on the fresh tarmac and I imagine a few safety cars too. Very tempted to go for Fernando whi has nothing to lose and is very quick but I shall keep up my Vettel fan club application and pick him. Webber has too much to lose so won’t be doing anything stupid like trying to barge past and anyway he’s on the slippery grid position.
    I hope the camera work improves though – I got no feeling for the flow of the circuit from what I’ve seen.

  38. Martin Christy October 24, 2010

    So that leaves me with Alonso or Hamilton, assuming that Webber plays it cautiously. Alonso should be the sensible choice then, but I think the McLaren’s should be faster than they are. Rain could put things in a spin as well. So I’m probably mistakenly going for Hamilton, but what ever happens should be an interesting race.

  39. RedStar October 25, 2010

    Who would have thought that Renault – a team I used to work for in 2 of it’s previous incarnations – would be so spiteful as to blow up Vettel’s engine just to deprive me of chocolate. Mean-spirited, I call it. Interesting race though and some silly driving on view from people trying to nail a seat for next year. Sorry Petrov, you need more money. Sorry Sutil, you need to remember to take your brain with you when you get in the car. Sorry, Webber, you don’t deserve to get protection from Red Bull when you can’t even get it together to stroll to victory. And of course sorry Lewis, you threw away a race win.

  40. Martin Christy November 7, 2010

    So, whoohoo! I won the year chocolate bar challenge championship, 10-7. Season not over though and I still might have to find 9 choc bars for Duffy if I’m not careful!

    In the real world though the important action is happening later, a big exciting end to the season. Now that I’ve WON I feel I can just vote and go for Hamilton. Did he underperform because he was held up? Also hard to see Hulkenburg following through from pole to a win, even though it was exciting to see him come through.

    Red Bulls are looking volotile and tense I think, Alonso could come through though and do something special, but then so could Hamilton, so he’s my pick.

  41. RedStar November 7, 2010

    Martin says he is “voting” for Hamilton, as he has already beaten me overall in this competition. I might still demand a recount so need to keep as close as I can. Tough call – qualifying was excellent and Williams are on the front row. I assume they had a full wet set-up on the car as they need to show well somewhere and attract attention and therefore sponsors for next year. If that is true then they will be slow today.
    Alonso is a bit far back and will be keen to get on the podium – and that is all he needs to do to pull this extraordinary championship out of his red hat. Webber is grumbling about his team not supporting him, which always plays well with the mechanics and engineers who will have worked many many long and unthanked hours at the circuit after Mark has gone home to rest up. Is he playing games or cracking? We shall see.
    I shall, of course, go for Vettel. Slight underdog who would probably crash rather than allow Webber to finish in front of him. I do like single-minded no-compromise drivers. Lewis could be awesome but he needs a better car under him. His works better than Jenson’s does but it still isn’t as fast as the Red Bull or the Ferrari – both drivers are flattering that car this year.
    Let’s hope the season carries onf or one more race – and I do hope Hulkenberg gets a result of some sort; Williams are due a break for solidly plugging away and still being innovative. Besides, his engineer used to work for me when he first left college and is a proper nice guy.

  42. RedStar November 13, 2010

    Right then – for the first time in 60 years four drivers can still win the F1 Championship tomorrow. A sulky Webber is nowhere on the grid and must be “considering his options” for next year. He won’t like being the number 2 – but there is nowhere for him to go. He’ll have to give up, move to a small team knowing that he won’t win anything – or drive faster than Vettel so that he deserves to be Champ. Lewis had Jenson help him to 4th place last week and will need more help this weekend to win; I can’t see Jenson pushing Alonso off the track thrack, amusing as it might be.
    Alonso is full of sparkle and only the brave would bet against him claiming the title again – but this is about who will finish first. I shall – of course – pick Vettel. He won’t need to pull over to gift the win to Webber because Webber would have to get past Alonso first. Mind you, the Ferrari has been on its’ last engine for a few races now and might be suspect. He’s due some bad luck.
    So, Vettel for the win and Alonso for the title. I’ve already lost this personal battle with Martin so you need to say what payment I am required to make! And congratulations.

  43. Martin Christy November 14, 2010

    So, Vettel then, no surprises there from Duffy!

    It’s going to be really interesting, especially with Alonso wanting Hamilton to win – does he really mean that?! Vettel has to be favourite, so it’s what goes on behind that counts, but I’m going to ‘vote’ again and call for Hamilton. Alonso likely to get the title though.

    We said 1 bar per win, so if Vettel wins it today, it will finish here 10-9 and Duffy will have almost caught up, so almost a straight swap. I agree though, I deserve a special prize for winning overall as well!

    Next year it would be interesting to open this up to Duffy’s customers and Seventypercent followers. If anyone is interested, post your suggestions on how we do it and what the rules might be here or in the forum.

    Ok, now to get ready for the race!

  44. RedStar November 16, 2010

    Well, what a good way to end an incredible season. Shame that the McLarens weren’t as fast as expected; nor did they keep pace with development. Next year maybe. Well, I concede defeat and shall try to be gracious about it. Your prize will be:
    2 x Honduras Indio Rojo (different roast profiles for each bar)
    2 x Corazon del Ecuador 72% (different cocoa butter percentages)
    2 x new Venezuela criollo (so new it doesn’t have a name. Well, I have the beans but haven’t made any chocolate yet)
    2 x new from Panama beans, when they arrive
    2 x any old rubbish I find at the back of a cupboard. Madagascar perhaps
    1 x ticket to Autosport International Show in January, on a Trade Only day. Fewer punters around and the Engineering section is only open that day.

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