The Chocolate Journey – taste workshop – 18 Sept 2010

£75 per person, 11.00am-4.00pm, Sat 18 Sept 2010
myhotel bloomsbury
11-13 Bayley Street, London, WC1B 3HD
Taste of Chocolate

Taste of Chocolate

The Chocolate Journey is our new series of tasting events bringing a whole new approach to the art of chocolate appreciation.

Fine chocolate is fast becoming as sophisticated as wine, yet we are conditioned to eat chocolate as a sweet snack with little chance of noticing its finer points.

These new events will help to unravel all those years of chocolate snacking by working through each of our chocolate senses one by one.

Rather than tell you what chocolate you should like, The Chocolate Journey gives you the tools to start you on your own journey towards becoming a chocolate connoisseur.

Through our courses and workshops we explore the gastranomic senses with a series of interactive modules, awakening and educating our palates along the way.

Day course – A workshop of the senses

Our six hour day course is suitable for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Using fun and engaging games and taste experiments we will awaken your chocolate senses. Our superb modern London venue will put you in the right mood and help us take you on a  journey of the senses.

We’ll show you the important steps you need to understand chocolate and to eat it correctly. Most of us eat chocolate in completely the wrong way, which is fine if your eating candy of chocolate confectionery, but not really suitable for the new world of fine and origin chocolate. You’ve paid a lot for your origin plantation chocolate, don’t waste that hard earned cash –  get the most out of your chocolate by learning a whole new way to taste.

You will come away with a new view on the true taste of chocolate and with simple steps you can use at any time to quickly tell a good chocolate from a bad one. By the end of the day you will be well on the way to becoming a connoisseur.

Includes a light lunch that will keep your palate clean, and refreshments. For your own benefit and that of fellow workshop members, avoid wearing strong perfumes or aftershaves. It is also best to have a light breakfast without strong flavours.


Book your tickets through PayPal – no account needed, all major cards accepted.

£75 per person


11.00am-4.00pm, Sat 18 Sept 2010
myhotel bloomsbury
11-13 Bayley Street

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