New review home page

Welcome to our new review home page! Last year, we finally completed moving our reviews – which go back to 2002 – to our new WordPress based database. That was quite an exercise though, and we ran out of time when it came to creating a user friendly front-end for the review section.

Since then, our review section has been busier than ever, with plenty of reviews of new bars and new batches. We also have our new format Top 10, which should be much more active now that it’s taken from reviews within the last year.

We know it’s not been so easy to navigate around the reviews though, so we’re very happy now to have the launch of our new Review home page. This is just the beginning though, and the plan is to keep adding new features just as fast as we can.

So we hope you enjoy the new format, and do let us know any comments here or in the forum.


  1. SveinMagnus March 19, 2011

    Great work! However there seem to be a few reviews missing, amongst them one of the Neuhaus Occumare 71% that was on the old site. Also I would love to see a Top bars of all time list as well as the one from the past year, as it would be interesting to see if newer bars will go on to surpass the older ones in quality, or if things truly were better in the olden days 🙂

  2. Ellie September 10, 2011

    Totally agree with SveinMagnus here, would love to see a list of the best bars of all time! Good work though 🙂


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