Australian Grand Prix 2011

The first race of the season after the cancellation of Bahrain, due to unrest in the country.

With a plethora of rule changes this season and a new tyre provider, calling the first race is going to be a tough one. Ferrari and Red Bull are the obvious contenders, but McLaren have defied the pundits in practice and are suddenly setting fast times. Are the two favourites just playing their cards close to their chests though?

As winner last year, first pick goes to Martin. But the competition is open to all though, so make your guesses in the comments, before qualifying to be eligible for a prize. (See here for full details).


  1. Martin Christy March 25, 2011

    Probably I should bet on Alonso stamping his mark at the start of the season, but I have to suspect Ferrari of some early season self foot-shooting. Vettel is the obvious choice then, I’m going to gamble on McLaren pulling something out of the bag though, and of the two Hamilton is most likely to handle the new changes and Button’s tyre control seems not to be such an advantage. So, Hamilton then, probably a bad move!

  2. RedStar March 25, 2011

    At last the season starts again – and about time too. McLaren would appear to be the ones hiding their potential in pre-season testing with the Red Bulls and Ferraris seemingly well ahead on mileage, reliability and speed. The race will feature accidents I fear – an adjustable rear wing, the return of KERS and crap tyres will lead to a rash of different strategies and therefore cars with different levels of grip. Strategy will win out over driver control perhaps – and Ferrari have nicked the top Red Bull strategist after their woeful performance in that field last year. Vettel is the obvious choice, I would have picked Lewis but instead I shall perhaps revert to “voting” instead of “betting” and go for Alonso.
    Join in and try and beat us – it isn’t hard!

  3. Martin Christy March 27, 2011

    A stonking win for Vettel then, dominating the weekend from start to finish. Alonsa disappointing, sorry Duffy! No points for my second place with Hamilton though.

    Full results from the BBC here:

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