1. RedStar May 27, 2011

    Well, my first pick for Monaco. Normally, pole position struggles to throw this race away and it can be a bit of a processions up front. An interesting one and a challenging one, but difficult to pass.
    This year we have the debut for the super-soft tyres and if the front guys use it to qualify on they will have to start the race on them too. They might only last a few laps so they will be better at the end of the race when there is a lot of rubber n the track. It could be a lottery or it could work out to suit an intelligent, brave and skilful driver. That doesn’t actually whittle it down at all! Heart says Alonso on pole, Vettel to win it with his new-found maturity added to his fabulous skill.
    But I shall go for Button again – it’s only chocolate and pride after all. I nearly picked Lewis though – he could easily shine.

  2. Martin Christy May 29, 2011

    I did go for Hamilton, emailing it in late to Duffy during qualifying owing to jet lag. Only minutes later Hamilton’s chances were blown during Q3 due to a red flag. Oh well!

    With Vettel on pole, Duffy has the best chance with Button. Beginning to wonder why we don’t just take turns choosing Vettel, at least we’d get some wins in.

  3. RedStar June 12, 2011

    There isn’t a headline for the Canadian GP and Martin is in Spain. We did exchange our picks before qualifying started. Martin is clearly thinking it is about time he won one and with first choice went for Vettel. I should have taken a punt on Alonso but keep thinking that my “he’s great at strategy” pholosophy would give Button the edge. Then they had qualifying and the McLaren is dog slow – ho hum. It’s a great circuit though – a street circuit on an island in the river in a friendly and interesting city. I drove there once as I had free tickets – Indianaoplis to Montreal doesn’t look very far if you only glance at a very small map – and it is very different to a lot of US cities. More people on the street and of course they mostly speak French.
    Anyway, it should be an interesting race. The talk has been that the Red Bulls aren’t suited to this circuit, so if they win here the Championship should be theirs – if it isn’t already.

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