Spanish Grand Prix 2011

Here we are properly in Europe with the title competition beginning to hot up, assuming Vettel doesn’t just run away with it all.

Plenty of time for upgrades and surprises though in what’s looking like a pretty exciting season in development.


  1. Martin Christy May 21, 2011

    I’ve been out of the loop this week in Quito Ecuador for a chocolate Salon. So bit of a blind guess here and a vote, I’ll pick Hamilton to win as it’s my first call. That probably leaves Duffy open to build on his 1-0 lead after Turkey by picking Vettel again.

    Bit too obvious to choose Vettel though, and Hamilton’s the only one who seems to be worrying the Red Bulls at the moment. That’s my official reasoning anyway!

  2. RedStar May 21, 2011

    That sounds like a challenge to not pick Vettel! Well I shan’t then. I’ve had a good week – picking up a nice gong at the Academy of Chocolate Awards – so will hope my luck continues and will, like Martin, vote rather than bet. Jenson Button, then. The race won’t be crazy busy like China but I still think his intelligent mastery of different tyre strategies will work. One day, maybe when he doesn’t drive into the wrong pit to change them.

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