Hungarian Grand Prix 2011

Last race before the summer break and things are hotting up. (Which can’t be said for the English weather…) Are we seeing the first hint of a crack in Red Bull dominance, or will they re-stamp their authority on the season before the four-week summer break?


  1. The Pod July 30, 2011

    It’s my call this week and this time I think I have justifiable reasons for chosing Hamilton. He’s on a roll and looking good so far in practice, with Red Bull lagging.

    I’m sure the race is cursed now and Alonso or almost anyone else will storm through. Come on, I’ve got to win one of these … sometime …!

  2. duffy July 30, 2011

    Well, the head says Vettel, the heart hopes for a brilliant strategic Button win or a super-aggressive Alonso one. Still, chocolate is chocolate so Vettel is my pick. Predictable. Sorry.

  3. Masur July 31, 2011

    Fingers crossed for Button.

  4. RedStar August 26, 2011

    We are back racing again and at the fabulous Belgian circuit – Spa. Last time I was there a few weeks back my driver finished up upside down in a tree having crashed at Eau Rouge and cleared the catch-fencing. On his Facebook page I told everyone he was lucky – which he was. 24 years old, stick a car in a tree and get away with a broken back (2nd time he’s broken it) counts as good luck to me. The circuit sent us a bill for repairing the fence that he’d missed and for rebuilding the marshal’s hut that he destroyed. Clinical.
    Anyway, none of that relevant here. I’m thinking that there is always a good chance of changeable weather there – need good anticiaption on tyres and an ability to think quickly and wisely. Sounds like Jenson Button then. Also, there should be a big difference between the soft and hard tyres, so again Jenson might use his wise head to win the race. Against that is the fact that if the car isn’t set-up exactly how he likes it he tends not to drive around it very well. I shall plump for JB, anyway.
    Basically I’m trying to pick the races that Vettel might not win and pick who a good candidate that might. Anywhere other than Spa and I would have gone for Alonso this time but I’m not sure they have the car for a fast fast circuit like this. Bring on Sunday!

  5. The Pod August 27, 2011

    If the weather carries on like this, you’ve got to give Hamilton a good chance here, so he’s my pick. Let’s see which of the McLaren’s can do it. I hope Lewis, I need a win!

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