Fresco makes small batches of dark chocolate, changing the formula between bars (the roast and conche levels are marked on the package).


George Gensler: 9-Oct-2011

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SCORES Score/10 Weight
Aroma: 7.5 10%
Look/snap: 9 5%
Taste: 9.5 35%
Melt: 7 5%
Length: 8 15%
Opinion: 9.5 30%
Total/100: 89.25 100%
Best before:
Batch num: 11-021
Source: Own purchase
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Before the taste: Fresco has done a beautiful job packaging this bar.  The small box (40g) is in gradations from black to pale gray with silver, white and black lettering and the bar itself is wrapped in silver foil to match the lettering on the box.  The information on the box includes the standard origin, weight, ingredients, etc., but goes further to include the preparation.  This bar is recipe 217, with a dark roast and a medium conche.  The bar itself is segmented in 3/4″ (2cm) lined squares.  The bar is reddish brown, not particularly glossy, but nicely poured, very clean.  It doesn’t smell much like chocolate, but there aren’t any unpleasant aromas, either.

Getting to the heart of it:  The bar has a nice snap with an even break.  The chocolate doesn’t quite melt away; it’s chunky, but not powdery, lingering on the tongue and teeth after the chocolate is gone.  The heaviness of the roast is noticable, leaving a coffee-like taste in the mouth, though the bar itself doesn’t taste like coffee.  The aftertaste is of a very dark mocha.

Overall:  I really enjoyed this bar.  I am not a coffee fan, but these beans were handled very well and the resulting chocolate is addictive.  It’s all I can do not to eat the rest of this bar, which I am saving to compare with the medium roast Chuao.

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