Hoja Verde prides itself on its Fino Arriba cacao beans, grown on small plantations that focus on conservation, and on its locally-made organic chocolate, made for them by Ecuadorian private-label producer TuliCorp.


George Gensler: 9-Oct-2011

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SCORES Score/10 Weight
Aroma: 7 10%
Look/snap: 2 5%
Taste: 6.5 35%
Melt: 2 5%
Length: 9 15%
Opinion: 7.5 30%
Total/100: 67.75 100%
Best before:
Batch num:
Source: Sourced by Seventypercent
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Before the taste:  The mold is of standard pillow segments with wavy lines.  The bar is a rich dark color, but is nearly matte, with little sheen.  The aroma is surprisingly complex, beginning with an earthiness that is slightly medicinal (which could come from the metallic inner wrapper), becomes fudgy then fades to cinnamon.

Getting to the heart of it:  The snap is soft; there’s a bit of resistance at first bite, but that quickly becomes chalky with some grit.  Despite the added cocoa butter, the chocolate is neither creamy nor smooth.  It is surprisingly sweet for a 72% bar.  The complexity of the flavor follows a similar path to the aroma.  The first impression is somewhat earthy, but bright like green pepper, rather than tobacco.  A fudgy richness follows with a faint spark of cinnamon spice at the finish.  This bar is very brownie-like in texture, taste and sweetness..  The aftertaste is faintly metallic (again, this could be from the packaging) with a slight peppery sting, but overall not unpleasant and relatively short.

Overall:  This is a very accessible bar, which would appeal to a variety of palates, though the texture needs some refinement.  I enjoyed the hint of cinnamon, but the pastiness of the texture was a drawback for me.


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