Seventy% 10th Anniversary Party!

Birthday cake by Paul A Young

[dropcap] T[/dropcap]he creme de la creme of the fine chocolate world gathered to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Seventy% with founder Martin Christy. Guests from all over the world enjoyed a night to remember as they embarked on a chocolate journey, discovering hidden flavours and a unique sensorial experience.

The new International Chocolate Awards were announced and Connoisseur Chocolate Tours to Ecuador, France and Italy were launched for 2012 with travel partner Arena Travel.

  • When: Monday 10/10/2011
  • Who: Damian Allsop, Maricel Presilla, Chantal Coady, Angus Thirlwell, Duffy Sheardown, Eric Rovira, Monica Meschini, Santiago Peralta, Mott Green, Lourdes Delgado, Alex Rast, Georg Bernardini, Sara Jayne Stanes, James Cronin, Richard O’Connor, Yael Rose to name just a few.
  • Where: The Adam Street Club, London
  • Chocolates and cocktails: Chocolate origin layer cake specially baked by Paul A. Young, sweet shop ‘minis’ by William Curley, water based ‘pure’ ganaches by Damian Allsop, tea chocolate collection by Enric Rovira and two chocolate cocktails designed for the night by Carlos Lorenzo.
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  • seventy-25-117.jpg
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  • seventy-25-1421.jpg
  • seventy-25-109.jpg
  • seventy-party-cake.jpg

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