November 3, 2011

Martin Christy receives award in Italy

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Written by: Susana Cárdenas Overstall

Martin receives his award from Eugenio Guarducci

The largest chocolate show in Italy, Eurochocolate, not only received one million visitors on the streets of Perugia, but also gathered international chocolate and cacao experts and chocolate fans from all over the country. Every year, Eurochocolate offers a prestigious award to prominent personalities and companies which impact the world of chocolate.

In October 2011, Martin Christy, founder and editor of Seventy%, was awarded a Eurochocolate Award for the category of Foreign Presence. “It’s a great honour to receive this award, which I accept on behalf of all of us working to raise the profile of fine chocolate made from directly sourced cacao. I’d like to dedicate the award to the cacao growers and chocolate makers who make fine chocolate possible – they do the real work!”, announced Martin, after receiving the award.

Gianluca Franzoni of Domori and Eugenio Guarducci

Other awards

Founder of Domori, Gianluca Franzoni, was awarded the Publishing Award for the book “Alla ricerca del cacao perduto – In viaggio con Gianluca Franzoni per svelare la magia del cioccolato” (Searching for the lost cacao – a journey with Gianluca Franzoni to reveal the magic of chocolate). Writer Camilla Baresani compiles Gianluca’s experiences of traveling to the finest cacao plantations in the search of the perfect bean.

The Italian Handicraft prize was awarded to Guido Castagna. The renown and creative chocolatier from Turin, with a refined taste, has brought innovation to the traditional chocolate from Piedmont. His 40% hazelnut chocolate is considered one of the most delicious in the world.

The event took place at the Hotel Gio Jazz in Perugia and the award was handed out by the President of Eurochocolate, Eugenio Guarducci. The awards came in five categories: Italian Handicraft, Foreign Presence, Publishing, Industry for Innovative Product and Special Event Eurochocolate 2011.

Eurochocolate celebrates its 18th birthday

For more Eurochocolate photos please visit Eurochocolate.

About the Author

Susana Cárdenas Overstall
Susana Cárdenas Overstall is a freelance journalist who left behind the tropics of Ecuador for misty London where she has been living for the last six years. Deep inside, she misses the sound of the Pacific Ocean and walking among the cacao trees at her father’s farm in the province of Manabí. Her first encounter with fine cacao began at the age of 10, when her father taught her how to select and roast Arriba Nacional cacao beans in order to make homemade chocolate. Before entering the world of cacao, Susana came from a communications background and is a frequent contributor to Latin American and Spanish publications.



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