Review suggestions

We need your help! If you know of a chocolate that we have not yet reviewed or listed in our pages and you think it’s worthy of review, please contact us by email at and we’ll let you know where to send the bar to. If the bar meets our standards for cocoa content ..

Seventypercent on Attend TV

Still from Spirit of Christmas interviewThis is a little late, but you can check out a live interview from yours truly at the Spirit of Christmas exhibition at London’s Olympia last November (2006). Follow the ‘Read more’ link to watch the videa on this site

Home made chocolate spread

Home made chocolate spread in a jar, openI had the sudden urge last week for some sort of chocolate spread. I wasn’t expecting much from the high street offerings – stabilisers and flavourings being the norm, so I thought I’d try organic. They all contained the dreaded vegetable fat though. So, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own – read more for the results

Home chocolate project day 4 – a beginning?

Finally I think something is starting to happen. I just checked the beans and did notice a little whtie mould forming on places. I suspect this is because I haven’t been stirring the beans enough in the last day or so. The aroma is somewhere between yeast and decay – not sure if that is ..