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Morin collection

Chocolaterie A. Morin collection

A traditional but well made collection from Morin, produced with their own bean to bar chocolate.
by Martin Christy

Grenada Chocolate 71% - low roast gives a light burgundy sheen

The Grenada Chocolate Company – Organic Dark Chocolate 71% Cocoa – Martin Christy

I’ve known and loved The Grenada Chocolate Company since Mott Green first introduced the company to the UK back around 2002. We’ve watched Grenada Chocolate grow up from being a small, innovative homespun chocolate ...
by Martin Christy


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Chinese Grand Prix 2011

Onto Shanghai, will there be any stopping Sebastian Vettel?
by Martin Christy

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Australian Grand Prix 2011

The first race of the season after the cancellation of Bahrain, due to unrest in the country. With a plethora of rule changes this season and a new tyre provider, calling the first race is going to be a tough one. Ferrari and R...
by Martin Christy


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Toleman TG183 - the first race car Duffy ever built

F1 challenge with Duffy Sheardown – 2011

In 2010 new British bean to bar chocolate maker Duffy Sheardown challenged Seventypercent editor Martin Christy to pick the winners for the Formula 1 season. This year we open up the competition to all comers, with prizes in...
by Martin Christy


William Curley bounty bar

William Curley vs your local sweet shop – Bounty bar smackdown

William has come over all Curley Wurley - he's on a mission to recreate the contents of your childhood sweet shop memories. First there was the 'jaffa cake', now comes his own version of a sweet shop classic, a Bounty bar.
by Martin Christy


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