Brussels – a chocolate lover’s delight?

A. M. Sweet, stockists of Laurent Gerbaud in BrusselsBrussels can be cold in the winter rain, but despite its reputation as a chocolate haven, not much cheer was to be found from its many chocolate shops. Despite a few exceptions, some reputations are just not deserved

Launch of William Curley’s new Mayfair shop

Today saw the much awaited opening of the old Shepherd Market Chocolate Society shop under it’s new William Curley branding. The shop has been completely stripped and refitted in Curley’s minimalist, Japanese influenced style, which does seem somewhat starker than the original and rather warmer Richmond shop. A few finishing touches are yet to happen ..

Grenada back on form

Bumped into Mott Green at a recent Academy of Chocolate meeting, and Mott brought one of his latest Grenada Chocolate Company bars to try. The efffects of various hurricanes a few years ago meant that Grenada were forced to use imported beans from Costa Rica, and the chocolate was just not the same – it ..

Pods, pralines and Panama

Harvesting cacao in PanamaOne of the highlights of our Chocolate Week programme, all about the journey of cacao grown in small farms in Panama through to chocolate finished in the UK by Bill McCarrick of Sir Hans Sloane chocolate

Just desserts – an evening with William Curley

With that title I hope all of us who attended William Curley‘s excellent Chocolate Dessert Evening deserved the fantastic, if prototype, desserts William cooked up in front of our eyes tonight. Using only Amedei chocolate, William made up three new recipes intended for the "Dessert Bar" that will feature in his new Mayfair shop, currently ..

Our chocolate week so far

After all the worry and stress of putting together a programme for Chocolate Week, it’s great to now have a couple of events under our belt and to be able to relax a little. Monday night turned out to be a great start, with our Olive oil, balsamic and ganache tasting, with guest speaker Michael ..

Chocolatier bars

We’ve been caught up with preparations for Chocolate Week recently, so I’m a little behind telling you what chocolate has passed my way recently, but not behind with eating it! The last two Club editions have feature bars made by British chocolatiers, and I’ve been finishing up some tasting samples recently. Valrhona Alpaco, by William ..

Paul A Young Fine Chocolates – new shop

Managed to get a sneak preview of Paul A Youngs‘s new shop in The Royal Exchange in London’s City district this week. The shop’s just being refitted and will open next week, around 10 October, with an official launch during Chocolate Week. Great news for all you City types in need of some decent chocolates. ..

Ethical chocolate?

Online Guardian readers might have noticed this piece in Friday’s edition Top 10 ethical British chocolates (Guardian Unlimited, September 28 2007). While it’s good to see some critical balance in this piece and not just an assumption that everything ‘ethical’ must taste good, it does seem like some of these brands have done a very ..

Demarquette back in action

After a long summer out of action due to drain problems, Marc Demarquette‘s Fulham Road shop is back open again. We hear that drain problems caused by renovations kept the shop closed, but now Marc’s back with new products and has just been commissioned by Fortnum & Mason to create a collection of fresh hand-made ..

Chocolate tastes better in winter (Pralus Colombie)

So the temperature is slowly dipping here in the UK, a little disappointingly after such a useless summer, but this does bring a small thrill inside as everything seems to be moving a little faster and there’s a more of a buzz on the streets. Then there’s that ‘nip’ in the air, which tells us ..

Manjari saves the day, Lindt disappoints

So after some disappointment brought about by my Guanaja kilo, a bar of Manjari the following day restored some of my faith in Valrhona. Fruity and light and full flavoured, this was a real treat and shows how good Valrhona can be at their best. Still, this is again in contrast to reports over the ..