Chocolatier Blue

Chocolatier Blue

When Art Pollard and Matt Caputo were in town last week for the Academy of Chocolate Awards they very kindly brought me a box of bonbons to try from Chocolatier Blue, a US based chocolatier run by Chris Blue, previously of Charlie Trotter’s. I managed to work my way through the collection and in spite WordPress being a little troublesome, here are a few of my thoughts on Blue’s best

Real Food Festival

Real Food Festival

Today was the opening day of the Real Food Festival at London’s Earls Court exhibition centre. I managed to get a few hours in at the show where I caught up with Mott of the Grenada Chocolate Company at the Rococo stand. After Hurricane Ivan struck in 2004 followed by Hurrican Emily in 2005, the ..

New origins from Chocovic and Linköping Chokladfestival 2009

New origins from Chocovic and Linköping Chokladfestival 2009

Chocovic have two new origin offerings, brought in to supplement their existing small origin range. Both bars are a step up in quality for the Spanish bean to bar maker, who are also owners of the Sampaka chocolatier chain and suppliers to upmarket Spanish brands such as Enrico Rovira. We tried them at the Linköping Chokladfestival 2009 with Art Pollard and Maja Berthas

Willie’s Chocolate Revolution reviewed – part 2

Day 2 of Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s chocolate revolution. Not as exciting as the first programme, but I guess we’re building up for the big finish tomorrow and we did get a peak inside a British bean to bar fine chocolate factory, which was a first

Criollo, a danger to us all?

Criollo, a danger to us all?

Opinions can get rather heated in the world of fine chocolate. Any subject that stirs a great deal of passion in its followers, and engages us in an exploration of its detail and finesse, is likely to lead to different camps and strong viewpoints. Sometimes this can be good natured, and sometimes things can get ..

Mystery shopping in Amsterdam

Steve and I were in Amsterdam on business last week, but managed to cram in a quick ‘mystery shopper’ tour of a few of the city’s better chocolate shops, having worked up a chocolate appetite walking round the endless canals and after spending a quick hour in the Van Gogh museum. Amsterdam doesn’t have the ..

Chavez in Chuao

Populist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was in the village of Chuao recently, presenting his weekly TV and radio talk show ‘Aló Presidente’. Chavez’s comments were mostly about Venezuela’s response to the world food crisis, as reported at Chavez also talked about the problems of commercial trawling and its effects on the environment and local ..

Brussels – a chocolate lover’s delight?

A. M. Sweet, stockists of Laurent Gerbaud in BrusselsBrussels can be cold in the winter rain, but despite its reputation as a chocolate haven, not much cheer was to be found from its many chocolate shops. Despite a few exceptions, some reputations are just not deserved

Ethical chocolate?

Online Guardian readers might have noticed this piece in Friday’s edition Top 10 ethical British chocolates (Guardian Unlimited, September 28 2007). While it’s good to see some critical balance in this piece and not just an assumption that everything ‘ethical’ must taste good, it does seem like some of these brands have done a very ..

Story fixed?

BBC News 24 have a strange little segment called ‘Story Fix’ in their ‘Your News’ programme. It’s a mish-mash of clips from this week’s stories, which I personally find barely intelligible. I suppose it’s supposed to be ‘hip’. In the edition broadcast on 23 June 2007 featured stories included the death of politically incorrect comedian ..

Is fine chocolate ethical?

We were recently asked by a customer “if the cocoa used in your products is from ethical sources?” Like many issues in the food industry, the answer to the question raised by our customer is not as straightforward as we’d all like, but most of these reports relate to Africa where bulk beans come from, not the ‘fine’ cacao producing countries used for beans in most origin, plantation chocolate

Home made chocolate spread

Home made chocolate spread in a jar, openI had the sudden urge last week for some sort of chocolate spread. I wasn’t expecting much from the high street offerings – stabilisers and flavourings being the norm, so I thought I’d try organic. They all contained the dreaded vegetable fat though. So, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own – read more for the results


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