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Is fine chocolate ethical?

We were recently asked by a customer "if the cocoa used in your products is from ethical sources?" Like many issues in the food industry, the answer to the question raised by our customer is not as straightforward as we'd all l...
by Martin Christy

A small selection of Chocolatier Blue's range

Chocolatier Blue

When Art Pollard and Matt Caputo were in town last week for the Academy of Chocolate Awards they very kindly brought me a box of bonbons to try from Chocolatier Blue, a US based chocolatier run by Chris Blue, previously of Char...
by Martin Christy


Amano Dos Rios bars

A tale of two rivers – Amano ‘Dos Rios’

A new origin chocolate from Amano, and this time a rather unique one. 'Dos Rios' is made from cacao with outlandish bergamot, rose and spice notes, created by Nazario Rizek in the Dominican Republic using an experimental fermen...
by Martin Christy

Amedei's new Quadrotti Toscani range

New arrivals from Amedei

Amedei have a few new products on the way, which come along at the same time as a packaging overhaul of their entire range. The redesign will see the whole of the bar range brought into lineĀ  as 50g bars, the format currently ...
by Martin Christy


Seventy% supports the International Chocolate Awards

Tuscan chocolate taster

A visit to Florence to discuss the upcoming ChocoAndino event in Colombia with Monica Meschini had been on the cards for a while. Icelandic ash had been getting in the way, but finally last week I managed to make a short tri...
by Martin Christy


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