Chocolate Week Day 3: Pacari at Melt

Another day, another train to and fro Manchester… But there was one further event I felt I couldn’t miss: Pacari chocolate at Melt. Pacari is an Ecuadorean producer who does it all: growing, processing, manufacture, in Ecuador. It’s a nice way of keeping chocolate profits in country of origin and, I think helps to build ..

Bean To Bon Bon?

What was I thinking? I mean making micro-batch chocolate is a great experiment. I appreciate the nuances and the art of making a great chocolate. There are many venerable institutions who have  and will continue to make great chocolate. So why am I embarking on this venture? Its not like I cant just buy Felchlin, ..

Chocolate Week, Day 2

So after the first day of Chocolate Unwrapped I was thoroughly “chocolated” but still hadn’t really gone round the exhibitors yet. Thus Day 2 would be my time to focus on this. Some I already knew from past experience, such as L’Artisan du Chocolat and Melt, and thus I decided to focus for the most ..

Chocolate as a Cultural Blend

Obviously, if you have read my previous posts, I am not normal. I live life to it’s fullest and experience all it has to offer in heaping helpings. So be it. The world is an amazing place and the various cultures of the planet all have something to offer us. Last night that became as ..

Chocolate Week, Day 1

Those who are familiar with SeventyPercent will know me – reviewer, commenter, fanatic on all things chocolate. No surprise, therefore, that Chocolate Week UK would be a must-attend. But, being in Manchester, I had to consolidate things a bit. So I decided to pack everything into the first weekend and Monday. This involved multiple train ..

Chocolate Rocks!

wow. what a week. First the melter goes out and we need an electrician. Of course one of our suppliers is 3 days late with the custom fondant, naturally. This slows production of a couple of things down but they will just have to wait…. Why? Because Bob Dylan is in Oregon this week! Every ..

Chocolate Harvest Moon

“I know I’m not alone…” sings Michael Franti,¬† but I am certain he isn’t talking about these werewolf-like nights of this, the Harvest Moon in October. Normally the harvest moon comes in September bringing with it the early bright light traditionally allowing farmers to work after dark during the crucial harvest. Once in a blue ..

Chocolate Across The Pond!!

So…. martin has asked for an “across the pond” perspective on the upcoming festivities and I am going to attempt to keep you updated on all things chocolate from the great state of Oregon. We are immersed in it. We live eat and breathe the stuff. From making our our own micro-batch “bean to bon ..