Amano confection collection

Amano confection collection

Amano chocolate take another step forward with their own range of fresh confections and bonbons. A collection box arrived just before Christmas, check out our first impressions

Meet the chocolate maker – Art Pollard of Amano

Meet the chocolate maker – Art Pollard of Amano

In a specially arranged last minute event, Art Pollard of Amano will be our featured guest at our February tasting. Come along and find out all about this Award winning new US chocolate maker. Free Amano origin bar with every ticket

Amano – Jembrana Milk

Having achieved spectacular success in mild milk chocolates with the Ocumare, Amano this time stumbles equally spectacularly with a chocolate that just never gets going. With a taste that hovers barely on the edge of perceptibility (which, it must be admitted, is the norm for 30%) Amano shows why greater percentages in milk chocolate are ..

Amano – Ocumare Milk

Possibly the ultimate chocolate for lovers of mild milk chocolates. A bar with amazing complexities, although it must be said, all variations on a sweet theme. It’s perhaps too bad that Amano chose such a mild formulation for an all-Criollo milk chocolate, but still the results are outstanding. With milk chocolate of this level, Amano ..

Amano – Montanya

Amano, so long a company flirting with greatness but always it would seem at the brink, finally gets it entirely right with this chocolate from the heights of Venezuela. It doesn’t specify exact origin but one can deduce that it’s probably around Merida. In any case, this is the chocolate that finally delivers the depth ..

Amano – Jembrana

An interesting bright and fresh chocolate with a riot of flavours, one of the most complex bars you may ever try. It’s a bit of a pity that the flavours aren’t more well controlled, because they explode out from all directions without quite the sense that they’ve all been harmonised. The result is doubtlessly interesting ..

Amano – Cuyagua

With a third bar (Cuyagua follows Madagascar and Ocumare), Amano’s maverick techniques of blending stone-ground cacao and whole vanilla pods without a trace of lecithin becomes standard practice. Cuyagua is an aromatic chocolate that saturates the palate with fruit flavors but ends with earthier notes

Amano – Ocumare

A very different interpretation of the Ocumare bean from the more usual earthy versions. This one is light and fruity, and it makes for a refreshing change. Impeccable execution all round – but might this bar be slightly soulless? It seems a bit typical. Nonetheless a fine effort from a new arrival on the chocolate ..

Amano – Madagascar

Amano – Madagascar

The second batch of Amano’s Madagascar takes a huge leap on from the earlier – but promising – batches. With this bar Amano make the move from promising upstart to fully fledged premier league bean to bar maker. Don’t be fooled by the slick presentation, this is still pretty much a two-man band when it ..