Amedei – 9

Is 9 different beans in a blend overkill? Amedei doesn’t seem to think so. And after tasting this bar, you may be inclined to agree – a superbly balanced, full-flavoured chocolate with plenty of fine characteristics. Perhaps one doesn’t note 9 separate beans in here, but this is clearly by far Amedei’s best blended chocolate

Amedei – Ecuador

A disappointing effort from Amedei that fails to bring out the best of the Arriba. Confused and muddy presentation make one wonder what went wrong. By pure pedigree and breeding, the chocolate manages to salvage some decency and avoid sinking into true mediocrity, but there are far better Arribas out there. If Amedei refocussed their ..

Amedei – Jamaica

An interesting cacao that, perhaps, needs a darker roast. Something of a miss for Amedei, merely a good chocolate in a sea of greats. Fans of woodier chocolates will be drawn to this one. Amedei’s roast reveals a bar with potential for great chocolatey flavour but in this case with still too much bitter edge

Amedei – Grenada

A good stab at a tricky cacao. Amedei has made the most of a bean that has a tendency to be somewhat bitter and flat. Some solve this problem with very dark roasting, but Amedei has maintained enough life to keep interest in the bean as well as the roast. Not, perhaps, as accomplished as ..

Amedei – Venezuela

A somewhat confused if acceptable chocolate. Not the typical fruity Venezuelan, this one actually seems more similar to an Ecuador Arriba. Darkness is the key here. A chocolate abounding in low notes, it will appeal much more to the earthy/coffee lovers than the fruity/spicy crowd

Amedei – Trinidad

A very one-sided chocolate, but Amedei has somehow gotten it to work. If you want a demonstration of how to produce a good, imbalanced chocolate, this would be it. Incredibly fruity, almost a pure “red” chocolate, one gets the feeling that this is what Valrhona and Scharffen Berger have aspired to create but never quite ..

Amedei – Madagascar

The definitive Madagascar. Amedei has truly found the perfect point in this often-difficult chocolate, producing one at once characteristic and balanced. Supremely delicate and revealing all the Madagascan notes, this is a breathtaking chocolate and illustrates what the hype is all about in the sudden surge of interest in the chocolate of this country

Amedei – Chuao

Amedei – Chuao

A super-strong, extremely characteristic chocolate, archetypal of its cacao varietal. It brings out all the intensity and complex character of the Chuao bean in a way that can only be described as sublime – both overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. A bar sure to excite strong passions in those who try it

Amedei – Porcelana

A real connoisseurs chocolate with interesting developing flavours. Good job you don’t need much to appreciate this bar, given the price!