Dagoba – Prima Materia

Dagoba’s entry into the unsweetened field reveals a chocolate that tastes amazingly like a Madagascar, which if is the case could be the same source for the similarly flavored Sambirano bar. Obviously a lighter approach for a company who usually roasts slightly longer, the bar remains easy to eat and lacks a mind-blowing intensity that ..

Dagoba – Sambirano

One of the darker Madagascans on the market and one that may seem like an unlikely success given the producer. However, the chocolate as a whole is relatively calm and uniform, presenting nothing too sharp or too light, but rather a darkened flavor with enough of the cacao’s intrinsic fruitiness to keep the bar interesting

Dagoba – Pacuare

With Pacuare, Dagoba expresses a personal preference rather than the characteristics of the origin and ends up producing a chocolate that comes off as imbalanced and contradictory since there is no mediator flavor to offset the darker components of the chocolate. Still, it’s a good try and will give you a partially competent understanding of ..

Dagoba – Milagros

Although Dagoba has succeeded in introducing organic single origin chocolate, they have also created a very unmemorable bar. Milagros’ only trendsetting merit is based on its novelty rather than flavor innovation, which is evidenced by a monotone profile and a blinding homogeneity that overwhelms in small doses. Yet on the other hand, this may appeal ..

Dagoba – Dark 59%

Characterized by elegant fruit and floral notes, along with a strong chocolaty presence, this semisweet could definitely satisfy the bittersweet crowd. It’s an exceptional chocolate, balancing flavor and intensity, without imposing sweetness

Dagoba – New Moon

New Moon is a fine organic bar that’s a bit stuck on tradition and the idiosyncrasies of the market, but it also shows signs of gourmet appeal. It’s an intermediary approach, one that taps into two markets and creates something that should please fans of both

Dagoba – Eclipse

A worthy organic alternative in the extra bitter class. Alternative also in its flavour, a welcome departure from the bulk of the extra bitters, leaning towards the complex spicy/tropical spectrum. Unusual in a good way, and a bar that you will not forget

Dagoba – Conacado

A dismal failure for Dagoba, Conacado does little to serve its people well. Also sourced from here is Domori’s Absolute, but despite the close proximity the two are worlds apart in terms of quality. These two comparisons are textbook examples of how poor bean handling and improper processing techniques can make or break a chocolate

Dagoba – Los Rios

A fine and interesting rendition, Los Rios is the black sheep of the Arriba family. It carves its own unique niche by diverging from traditional constraints, yet at the same, it still possesses the innate characteristics that clearly show its familial ties. Vivid and erratic in its presentation, it still bears the telltale signs of ..