Domori – Rio Caribe

Domori produce a masterful interpretation of a highly distinctive Venezuelan variety. This is perhaps the most successful bar in a single origins series of exceptional quality, where it seems each bar is highly indicative of the beans used

Domori – Teyuna

Domori again shows their mastery over fruity beans with a textbook rendition of the Colombia Nacional origin. With a length that is truly astonishing and new depths of flavour, this brings out the subtle characteristics of a bean that can easily turn cloying and candy-like in its fruitiness. More than any other manufacturer, perhaps, Domori ..

Domori – Papuandar

Domori – Papuandar

Domori at long last experiments with an origin that should be a good match for them: the distinctly spicy Papua New Guinea. They certainly bring out all the characteristics of the bean, and this is a fine effort, but in spite of it all it seems just a bit too componentised in flavour, never achieving ..

Domori – Madagared

In spite of continued effort and commitment, and in spite of even higher pedigree than the Sambirano, Domori continues to grope somewhat with the Madagascar bean. It’s mysterious, for Domori’s style and Madagascar should go hand-in-glove as a perfect match, yet, once again, here is a bar that just seems a bit heavy-handed. Interesting flavours, ..

Domori – Javablond

At last Pralus has competition in the Java origin and Domori puts up a fine challenge and a satisfying alternative. It still delivers on the custardy and strawberry features of the origin while introducing interesting new characteristics that are reminiscent of another relatively nearby source: Papua New Guinea. Domori proves yet again that in the ..

Domori – Madagascar

Domori’s other Madagascan bar is a more diverse approach, yielding better balance and a manageable flavor. Here, though, one still gets a strongly characterized chocolate that emphasizes contrast through flavors that at times may seem monotonous and excessively dense. As a result, it may still generate a dichotomy of “love it or hate it.&#8221

Domori – Sur Del Lago Clasificado 100%

Interestingly, Domori reveals here in the classically fruity Sur Del Lago the reality that not all beans make for a great 100% interpretation. While not bad, and certainly capturing all of the bean’s distinctive fruitiness, the lack of sugar allows other, assertive characteristics to express themselves fully that might better stay hidden. Like the good ..

Domori – Ecuador

At long last, somebody has come up with an interpretation of the great Ecuador bean that leaves nothing on the table. Domori proves the winner, and here has created a flawless chocolate that should quickly become the reference for how Ecuador is done. Breathtaking both for its towering strength and for its giant body, a ..

Domori – Sambirano 70%

Probably the most sour chocolate of its range, Sambirano is an all-out assault of tartness, delivered in red and purple shades. However, it is properly balanced and therefore precludes the final impression that Domori went just a little too far this time. If you like extremes, this one is for you

Domori – Sambirano 100%

Do you like sour? This will be the bar for you. This might well be the sourest chocolate ever made – truly a mouth-puckering experience. There’s a positive and a negative to this. On the one hand, Domori has managed to capture the full force of the citrus characteristic of the Madagascar bean. On the ..

Domori – Sur Del Lago Clasificado

A good representative for the Sur Del Lago appelation and perhaps the most “typical” of Domori’s chocolates. Somewhat darker than is common for Sur Del Lagos, it’s a good example of how to create a blending base. Sur Del Lago has the baffling property of seeming to contain enormous potential yet never quite generate excitement ..

Domori – Carenero Superior

One of the best of all Domori’s art and one of the most unusual interpretations of Carenero Superior. Almost completely different from other Carenero bars on the market, it nonetheless sets the standard for other Careneros to follow. The ultimate chocolate for people who like spices and exotic flavours

Domori – Arriba

An excellent rendering of Arriba, if not quite definitive. It certainly brings out the classic Arriba highlights, at the penalty, perhaps, of a bit too much bitterness. Domori’s fermentation style tends to exaggerate bitterness where it occurs and with Arriba this is a risky move indeed. Nonetheless, it is a chocolate whose good points outweigh ..

Domori – Apurimac

Interesting Peruvian chocolate strikes out in a very spicy direction. This has very few of the more familar chocolate taste elements and in that respect is a novelty – but is it mainly good for the novelty value? There’s more than a hint of an experimental, unrefined chocolate here – out of character with the ..