Domori – Chacao Puro

Puro is essentially the unsweetened version of Absolute 70%, and is even more feral and unadulterated than its counterpart. A bit rougher in flavor and acidity, this one may be harder to swallow. The word “”Chacao”” stems from Mayan civilization and translates to “”warmth.”” The cacao is of Trinitario genotype and is grown on the ..

Domori – Kamba Blend 70

A slight deviation from Domori’s typcial approach, Kamba Blend 70 is a bit rougher in texture and mouthfeel, but still possessive of Domori’s charactersitc flavor qualities. Chocolate instinct indeed

Domori – Chacao Absolute

Domori’s venture into organic chocolate produces promising yields and gives the rest of the competition a run for their money. Organic chocolate seems to be an exploding fad recently, and with bars such as Absolute on the market, perceptions will be re-shaped to view the word “”organic”” with a little more respect. The word “”Chacao”” ..

Domori – Porcelana

This makes an interesting comparison with Amedei’s Porcelana. While Amedei’s offering seems wild and variable – only just on the edge of an acceptable chocolate taste, Domori have produced a more stable version that is at once both high and exotic, while retaining a fundamental chocolate flavour. Sit back, enjoy and wish that all chocolate ..

Domori – Grand Blend No 1

Excellent strong yet palatable bar from Domori. Creamy with dark flavours. A good bar to eat that will satisfy your fine chocolate needs without needing too much and without being too bitter. Buy this bar in our shop

Domori – Puertomar

This is a real achievement. Domori have created a chocolate from a ‘recovered’ cocoa (a sub-variety not previously identified) very high in cocoa content, with no added cocoa butter, yet one that still manages to seem sweet and very easy to eat. The flavour is also remarkable for its notes of cream. Will appeal equally ..

Domori – Puertofino

Strong for a 70% chocolate, owing to Domori’s policy of not adding extra cocoa butter to the mix. An interesting balance of flavours from musty to fruit, with perhaps apricot being the dominant note. Very satisfying length. Buy this bar in our shop