El Rey – Bucare

A first-rate semisweet, unusual as a single-origin. Among the best of El Rey’s offerings and a good introduction to single-origin chocolate for those who find strong bittersweet bars to be too much to handle. For people used to 70%-class bittersweets, this bar may seem mild and overly sweet, but it reveals itself as a bar ..

El Rey – Mijao

Well-rounded and well-balanced, Mijao bears a much less aggressive nature and has an overall warm flavor without being overly sweet or acidic. Carenero’s inherent “brown-ness” manifests itself wonderfully here

El Rey – Gran Saman

El Rey’s strongest offering, with an intense berry flavor and textural roughness indicative of its Mesoamerican origins. Quite a unique presentation overall

El Rey – Apamate

Dry, earthy, unique origin chocolate from El Rey with some interesting fruit tones – the strongest of the range from Carenero Superior beans. Makes an interesting variation from European style fine chocolate, though some may find it lacking in smoothness