Galler – Blended Sao Tome Tanzanie

An improbable blending idea – mixing 2 strong Forastero beans with somewhat similar characteristics – creates results that are rather predictable. A very heavy flavour fails to excite and if truth be told it doesn’t seem as though Galler has put much effort into this. The blended line might be the right idea, but here ..

Galler – Blended Equateur Saint Dominique

An good idea from Galler – blending sourced couverture with known origins. They recognise that simply remoulding couverture adds no value, and furthermore it’s commendable to see someone explicitly experimenting with origin blends. Unfortunately, the chocolate just doesn’t contribute anything worthwhile, being a demonstration rather of the sins of overroasting for the most part. Thus ..

Galler – Chocolate Noir 60

Do you want wild? This is the chocolate for you. WIth flavours that defy expectations at every point in the process, it’s unclear whether your experience will be one of spinning in confusion or swooning in a haze of ecstasy. It’s got a lot going for it, and yet also potentially a lot to criticise. ..

Galler – Chocolate Noir 70%

A good basic fine chocolate bar, though lacking in any ‘high’ flavour notes. Seems fairly sweet while eating, but is somewhat rough afterwards

Galler – Chocolate Noir 85%

A good offering from Galler, very strong but not way off the bitterness scale. Flavours are subdued rather than strident, but are enjoyable all the same, with a warm comfortable aftertaste