Hotel Chocolat – Island Growers St Lucia 65% 96-Hour Conch

A bar that seems to require just about the maximum number of qualifiers in order to identify it uniquely among a group of related ones from Hotel Chocolat. This gives something of a feel of indecisiveness on HC’s part – as if they’re experimenting with different subtle adjustments of the same basic chocolate to see ..

Hotel Chocolat – Rabot Estate 65%

One of a new and much-expanded “Purist” line, which sees Hotel Chocolat establishing a collection targetted at a higher-end audience, probably people with at least some experience and appreciation of fine chocolate. While unlike the previous line, Hotel Chocolat doesn’t make it explicit, there is no reason not to believe it’s still being made for ..

Hotel Chocolat – Hacienda Iara 90%

A magnificent high-percentage chocolate, and one which decisively sheds any “second-rate” image associated with organic chocolate. With this Hacienda Iara, Hotel Chocolat prove at last that it is possible to create a balanced chocolate at extreme percentage and achieve ideal results. Furthermore, they demonstrate authoritatively that organic chocolate can be in every way as good ..

Hotel Chocolat – Chuao

Venezuela’s finest hits the British High Street. A pretty good attempt that’s intense rather than delicate. Lacking vanilla, just a little more sweetness could have helped this have more balance