L’artisan du Chocolat – Jamaica

Another bar produced from liquor – one step removed from bean to bar but getting closer – which also turns out to be L’Artisan’s most successful effort to date in this experiment. Almost certainly the finest Jamaica origin on the market, and a fascinating, complex bar. A mix of fruit and nut flavours makes for ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Madagascar

Something of an unfortunate choice for the strongest of L’Artisan’s bars, taking the usually mild Madagascar and unfortunately letting it run a little wild. It’s unusually strident and aggressive, not a bar that will give you a moment’s peace. Still, it does convey all the important Madagascar elements, and on the level of simple exposition ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Java

Reminiscent of L’Artisan’s equally surprising Madong, here’s another Indonesian on the wild side. Reeking of peat and smoke, it’s an experience unlike any other in the chocolate world. Is that good or bad? You may have to be the judge, but it’s unlikely your opinion will be neutral. This reviewer, however, finds plenty to commend

L’artisan du Chocolat – Venezuela

A bar clearly from exactly the same bean source as Theo’s Venezuela, yielding, predictably, similarly spectacular results. With rather more sugar, this one is less austere than the Theo version, and thus may have a somewhat broader appeal. Either way it has the same awesome, brooding dark character, a nice step away from your typical ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Dominican Republic

A surprisingly dark interpretation of the Dominican Republic origin – the kind of bar Pralus might have produced. Containing all the extraordinary power of the origin this is a chocolate that will certainly impress with its boldness…but could it have been better? In spite of excellent overall effect, it’s a bit muddy, a bit muddled, ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Peru Organic and Fairtrade

L’artisan du Chocolat – Peru Organic and Fairtrade

Promising organic, although not the best of L’Artisan’s efforts. L’Artisan has recently been experimenting with chocolate made from third-party liquor – hence the type isn’t really “unknown” but rather more “other”. They retain much stylistic control over result and the bars definitely have a signature of their own. Here L’Artisan is spot-on true to their ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Madong

Ever wondered what it might be like to be in the Old West and so hungry you were forced to eat your saddle? Now’s your chance to find out! Never has any chocolate – forget that, any *food*, period, tasted so much like leather. Unmistakable at any range. In spite of its one-sidedness, however, it’s ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Seventypercent.com Forum Blend No 1

Interesting experiment in “democratic” blending unfortunately ends up being dominated by one of the blend components. Nominally 45% Pralus Fortissima, 45% Cluizel Los Ancones, 10% L’Opera Sambirano 100%, it takes on entirely the characteristics of the Fortissima – in some ways a dangerous choice in the first place because it is already a blend. The ..

L’artisan du Chocolat – Carenero 100%

Overall bitter and red in flavor, with strong earthy qualities, this chocolate displays some of Carenero’s inherent flavors in a manner that only 100% cocoa mass can

L’artisan du Chocolat – Brazil 70%

An exceptional Forastero with minimal bitterness and a surprisingly medium body. Very basic flavor, agreeable to the palate, and overall easy to eat

L’artisan du Chocolat – Venezuela 70%

There are many Venezuelan chocolate bars around now, most with a quite similar flavour range. While this bar is not wildly different from the pack, it has a good evolution and some pleasant top notes, and is less ‘flat’ than some. A good balanced bar that should appeal to most

L’artisan du Chocolat – Dominican Republic 70%

A recommended chocolate to try, with a light tangy fruit salad feel to it, balanced by a dark fudge like intensity beneath. Neither too radical nor too plain, this should be enjoyed by most