Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru de Plantation Vila Gracinda

For years it has seemed chocolatiers just can’t hit the mark on Sao Tome – an origin with apparently lots of potential but up to now shaky delivery. No more. Cluizel comes up with the definitive reference for the origin in a bar superb in every way, retaining everything: the fruity up-front flavour, the deeper ..

Michel Cluizel – Grand Lait 45%

Now available in bar format, Grand Lait 45% can now be accessed by everyone without confectionery intents. The bar is strong in chocolate flavor, has great balance, and lacks a sweetness many milk bars possess. It’s the second one to try, next to Mangaro Lait, but certainly it’s not one to be missed

Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru de Plantation Maralumi Lait

Building off the success of Mangaro Lait, Cluizel offers another single plantation milk chocolate, but this time he sources from Papua New Guinea and the Maralumi plantation. Although a lighter milk chocolate, the flavor is what sets Maralumi Lait apart and ultimately keeps the standard set high for the competition

Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru de Plantation Maralumi

A bar that really fits the description on its package. Unusual in having both fruity and spicy components. Perhaps not as polished as others in the Cluizel 1er Cru line, it offers a different experience from the usual very “saturated” Cluizel style – a chocolate in pastel shades

Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru de Plantation Tamarina

Oddly, for Cluizel’s strongest single-origin, a very mild, very accessible 70%. A mellow chocolate, good for relaxing with late at night. Those who are expecting high intensity might do to stay away, but for those who seek a comforting chocolate experience this will be one of the better bars

Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru De Plantation Mangaro

Bright, fresh, sunny – all of these are an apt description of Mangaro, Cluizel’s interpretation of the fashionable Madagascar cacao. This bar is for those who like their chocolate light – like a Northern Italian coffee roast. The downside is that this chocolate may be a bit sharp for some, but if you like a ..

Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru de Plantation Mangaro Lait

Having paved the way and defined the standard for milk chocolate with the Java milk chocolate, Michel Cluizel overtops even himself and produces a masterpiece. This is everything Java was, while dumping even the small defects Java had. Quite simply the ultimate milk chocolate in every way, and maybe the only one to demonstrate that ..

Michel Cluizel – Noir Infini 99% cacao

An extraordinary blend showcasing Cluizel’s masterful skills by delivering an intense chocolate with a refreshing bitter punch. Perhaps overshadowed slightly by his Amer Brut 72%, Noir Infini is remarkable for its intensity and power, which deliver the ultimate in deep, dense, chocolaty satisfaction

Michel Cluizel – Hacienda ‘Los Anconès’

Michel Cluizel – Hacienda ‘Los Anconès’

Cluizel finally hit home with the third of their unique origin bars. This is an excellent offering with a wealth of interesting and well-balanced flavours that will please anyone, being at the same time truly a fine chocolate, but also fruity and not too bitter

Michel Cluizel – Chocolate Noir 60%

The lowest cocoa content version of Cluizel’s popular blend, with a cool sweetness strongly dominated by the Bourbon vanilla. Very palatable and enjoyable, neither too bitter nor too sweet. Buy this bar in our shop

Michel Cluizel – Noir de Cacao 72%

Another sound chocolate in the Cluizel range, dark and strong, but well balanced. Perhaps overshadowed by their excellent 85% ‘Grand Amer’, this is still a good offering and well worth sampling.. Buy this bar in our shop

Michel Cluizel – Ilha Toma

A fine, flavourful unique origin bar from Cluizel, which though mild features a dazzling array of intriguing flavours from berries to nettles. Perhaps too sweet for some, but a good chocolate for those less keen on the bitter side of things. Buy this bar in our shop

Michel Cluizel – 1er Cru d’Hacienda Concepcion

One of Cluizel’s first unique origin chocolates. Initially a little disappointing, this is a chocolate that has improved a lot over the last few years. With dark earth undertones and promising high notes that tantalise rather than astonish, a ‘wine’ like note brings an extra dimension that adds both interest and depth . A good ..

Michel Cluizel – Grand Noir 85%

This is one of the earliest of the 85% chocolates, appearing far ahead of the fad and the current wave of “”me-too”” chocolates. As such it set something of a reference standard for the industry – remarkably palatable for its strength, and a fine example of Cluizel’s blending. It can’t be denied that Cluizel has ..