Neuhaus – Sao Tome

Yet another excellent chocolate from Neuhaus’ origin line. It might not be quite as accomplished as the other 2 bars in the series, but this is a testament to those other bars’ greatness, not in any way a knock against this one. This will be the Neuhaus bar for those who like it deep and ..

Neuhaus – West Africa

A chocolate that can’t quite qualify as a single origin, given that its exact parvenance remains murky, but one that once again delivers splendid results in a very well thought-out series from Neuhaus. It’s too bad that they don’t say whether any of the beans are of Ivory Coast origin, or more to the point ..

Neuhaus – Occumare Venezuela

Spectacular, awesome chocolate vaults Neuhaus into the upper ranks of origin producers. A suspicious percentage would seem to imply Chocovic sourcing, but with a definitely different and much better flavour, Neuhaus has worked some magic here whatever the source. Is it as good as Domori’s Puertomar? It’s got to be close. Let us hope that ..

Neuhaus – Extra Dark 70% Cocoa

Acceptable bar from Neuhaus with some pleasant citrus moments, but dominated by burnt almonds and strong coffee with a less than perfect length